Henry Burris's right to be Canadian

Exactly FYB, Burris is a little guy who doesn't matter unfortunately. I mean does he have a checkered past? He works here 6 months of the year, more than some Canadians who work whaever and collect pogey the rest of the time, and goes out to public functions for the local CANADIAN team. I've met him at such events. He's approachable and talked to me as a regular guy. WTF? What kind of a law is this? This is on the Conservative watch right now, they are in power.

not at all. I'm very pleased this got fast-tracked.

where did I say I wasn't in favor of this?

Oh please, do the young Canadians a favor and vote NDP over Harper or Trudeau. If you vote Harper you piss on the face of freedom, if you vote Trudeau... well you're an idiot. He isn't going to win or even come second. I wish Layton was still around since I voted for him in my first election, but Mulcair is the best of all three mentioned.

Yes this is coming from a young oil-aided Albertan. Don't vote Conservative, ever.

Oh please, do the all Canadians a favor and vote Harper over NDP or Trudeau. If you vote Trudeau you **** on the face of freedom, if you vote NDP... well you're an idiot. They aren't going to win or even come second. Don't vote NDP, ever

People in this country are so stupid.. We have the linage of Preston Manning, Stockwell Day and then Harper that have run this political party... Reform, Alliance, Non Progressive Conservative party... This party is run by Alberta Christian wack jobs ... The same wack jobs that gave away all of Albertas oil to texas and now sees the province broke after just a few months of a bear market...People like FYB who are easily fooled into thinking things like Saddam was involved with 9/11 get confused and think that this party is evolved from the party that seen Brian Mulroney give away this country's sovereignty 27 years ago, are sadly mistaken... Harper is much much much worse..

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As for Burris… Since this country is into selling citizenships… I don’t know why he just doesn’t buy his citizenship like all of the Asian criminals that launder money through our real estate system…I guess its not fair that he would have to pay 100 K or whatever and has earned all of his money honestly…vthe majority of people who go this route are criminals of white collar crime. However, it is an option for him

That is the stupidest thing I ever heard, Good grief. Its not Harper's government employees.
These employees work there jobs regardless who is in power: Like Harper stands and stamps migration papers, or his he suppose to be in Mexico helping out Canadians in jail, or standing at airport watch for ISIS recruits.

Give your head a shake and check when Burris made application and if he met all requirements.
I bet the GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE WHO HANDLED HIS application saw fault or missing info.
Cause he played football??? Get in line buddy. Fill in all the blanks first..

Not sure how long the current rules have been in place, but I can see why Burris’s application for citizenship might have been denied. One of the requirements is permanent residency, and one of the clauses states, “A person in Canada temporarily, like a student or foreign worker, is not a permanent resident.” The person who assessed his application apparently decided that an American on contract in Canada to play football six months a year is a foreign worker, and therefore not a permanent resident. I don’t agree with that, but then I’m not an expert in immigration law. Fortunately for Burris, someone in government - not sure who, or whether it was a political decision - has decided to reopen his case, but possibly only as far as granting him permanent residency. Citizenship is still a ways down the road for him - unless he is granted permanent residency retroactively.

So, what precedent does this create?


Harper is a OTT RB season ticket holder. Be interesting to see the reaction of fans at the first game.
I mean, the people around him and when his face is on the jumbo tron. I am just saying the reaction will be interesting while NOT indicating he is to blame.

I can not believe this. Smiles has proven his loyalty to this country over and over in every city he has played in.
When he was here in Calgary, he was the most active player among community and charity events.

This happened to James Murphy in Winnipeg back in the 90's. He even ran a bakery or cookie shop while he was waiting for status.

In the meantime we continue to let illegals stay when they are found.

This needs to be made right

Anyways hopefully this will serve to have them look at this law again and revise as needed.

It's not like he's the only one who has been affected by immigration laws..
It really is only on him he should be on top of the laws and what he needs to do.
If it brings about a change in the law so be it but if not he shouldn't get any special treatment.
Until then seems like its time for a new lawyer and a plan b

Exactly. I have a friend who is a Canadian vet (Iraq war) and has been working in Virgina for Nato for over 15 years. Kids went to school and College in Virginia and they've been waiting six years for his US citizenship. This is Burris being Burris...

There was a televised story about this and Burris basically said that all he wants is a "chance".

The impression I get is that because of his employment he's only considered a part-time worker, but he wants to state his case as to how there's more to it than that.

He apparently does own a home here and we know how frequently he's seen around town at various events. On top of that, I came across a mention of how he's going to be a guest coach at a football camp in Manitoba next month.

It seems the govt is assuming he leaves from November to June, but that's not the case and he wants to be able to explain that. If he did, I'd have no sympathy for him.

Edit Or if he is only now staying "full time" in the off season. Then get to the back of the line, buddy.

Give it a break. Ya this is harpers fault. There are rules to go by and just like anyone else he has to go thru the process. Imagine voting trudeau because of burris, tell us the truth you are voting trudeau no matter what. So what happens to the next guy that is not a QB, he gets a free ride also.

Truth be told I can't imagine Trudeau as the leader of this country so I will be hard pressed to vote for the Liberals. Look, I am biased here, met Henry Burris, wife and me met him at a TiCat function at a restaurant, very nice guy and took the time to talk. But agree, I should be more objective with this.

A small portion of a rant by Tim Baines in today's Ottawa Sun.

Burris has been asked to take a basic English test and prove what he does for six months when he's not wearing a helmet and shoulder pads.

Huh? True story.

Of course it's true. And it's hardly outrageous. Tim Baines might enjoy chasing Burris around and sucking up to him Burris but not everyone knows what Hank does with his life day in and day out.

And I think he'll kill that English test. 8)

Everyone who applies for Canadian citizenship must prove that he or she can understand and speak one of our official languages. It doesn't matter how fluent the person is, or what country he or she is from; it's still a requirement. One that I'm sure he won't have a problem with. (Or should that be "One with which I'm sure he won't have a problem"?)

There are specific rules for qualifying as a permanent resident as well. Based on those assessor's interpretation of those rules, he was deemed to be working only part time. A bit bizarre, but that was the decision. So it's now up to him to respond to that, to show that what he was doing the rest of the year was related to his employment as an athlete.

I wonder what the gov't would think of someone working 1 or 2 days a week 52 weeks a year. :?

He will be Canadian by the end of the month.

I agree.

But, it has not been well received and especially since Hank has been an upstanding citizen and has contributed positively to our country.