Henry Burris's right to be Canadian

Henry Burris is fighting to become a Canadian citizen and so far has been frustrated in the attempt despite his commitment to this country. I think it's an absolute miscarriage of justice against this fine and decent man, and his family.

[url=http://www.ctvnews.ca/sports/henry-burris-fighting-off-field-battle-for-canadian-citizenship-1.2312087]http://www.ctvnews.ca/sports/henry-burr ... -1.2312087[/url]

I usually don't over-react to headline heart bleed stories like this.
There's usually a reasonable explanation for such denials in these processes which is actually in the interest of being fair to all applicants and protects Canadians from having our generosity abused.

I'm not seeing any of that in Mr. Burris' case.

Surely, he should be welcomed. :thup:

Something doesn't add up unless he has a checkered past that maybe warrants this decision so far in terms of what the rules are to gain Canadian citizenship. :?

A recent change in the law has resulted in this ridiculous situation happening. Unfortunately, this will continue to be an ongoing issue for any American players who want to become Canadian citizens as the Harper government does not consider playing in the CFL to be a full-time job.

Burris and his family have lived in this country full-time for a decade, performs noble charitable and community services and pays/paid far higher taxes to CRA coffers than the average Canadian citizen during this time and yet is still denied entry as a citizen.

this is a bureaucratic travesty.

Tell me about it. I could do quite a lengthy timewaster thread on the idiotic, foolish, and counter-productive things Harper's government has done to our immigration laws and regulations.

looks like this shipped has righted... :thup:

[b]Richard Madan @RichardMadan NEW - feds say star #CFL QB @HenryBurris can stay in Canada, after @CTVNews reported new immigration rules denied him citizenship #cdnpoli

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Parliamentary Journalist with @CTVNationalNews based in Ottawa, Canada.
I report on federal politics, finance, and other stuff for Canada's #1 Newscast.[/b]

I say go for it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Can stay in Canada? So does that actually mean he has citizenship? Cause I'm still reading articles that have been published today on April 5th that say he's still fighting for citizenship.

the Feds act fast when injustices (embarrassments) become public..

[u]Feds change course, promise to help CFL quarterback obtain citizenship[/u]

[b]The Harper government has revised its immigration playbook and is pledging to help CFL quarterback Henry Burris obtain his Canadian citizenship after all.

In a statement sent to CTV News Sunday, Kevin Menard -- spokesperson for Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander -- said the government would "work with" Burris to help him obtain citizenship.
"Mr. Burris has shown a great commitment to Canada over many years, and his community work through his foundation is an example for Canadian youth and all Canadians," Menard said. "We will work with the Ottawa RedBlacks and Mr. Burris to ensure he can remain in Canada."[/b]

[url=http://www.ctvnews.ca/sports/feds-change-course-promise-to-help-cfl-quarterback-obtain-citizenship-1.2312727]http://www.ctvnews.ca/sports/feds-chang ... -1.2312727[/url]

You'd rather they didn't?

It will be a lot easier to get Permanent Residency in the short term. I know people that have denounced their US citizenship BEFORE going for Canadian citizenship, and it seemed to make the process a lot easier. Getting Canadian citizenship has not been easy for years now...unless you are some uneducated, non-english speaking person who is leaving a country of hardship...then they hand it to you with a bunch of money at old age pension after 10 years...a pension you can leave Canada with and still collect. When we got ours it was not a big deal to do. If you are an American now you almost need to marry a Canadian. I know a few ex-CFL players who had kids born in Canada and owned businesses in the country and were still forced to leave. It is ridiculous.

Well Harper, you just gave me a window to open my eyes for Trudeau come next election and I don't even like Trudeau. But Liberal it might be next time me thinks.

Personally I'd rather they act before the injustices become public. As in, act because it's the right thing to do rather than because not acting would look bad.

But then Harper doesn't have a monopoly on acting for purely political reasons. I've always felt that anyone willing to go into politics should be automatically disqualified.

Well said CatsFan. The Conservatives blew this one but they lucked out it's "only" a CFL star. Even Russ Jackson didn't get respect up until recently for the Walk of Fame because he was "just" a CFL star. Imagine if everything equal Burris was an NHL star with the numbers he has. Wowie in that case. But hey, politics is pure BS crap anyways, no matter what party it's basically a big joke. They just play around with public money and pretend they are pro business but pro single mother with a low income at the same time. They just deflect it differently from NDP through to Liberal through to Conservative. All the same BS.

So what does this have to do with Harper? you think that the PM is behind all the decisions in the immigration department and all of the other departments? Do you think he created this law? this law has been on the books for years and it was to prevent overseas part time workers, from getting citizenship.
Now it's a high profile person from the US that got some publicity and it's shed light on the situation and holes in our immigration system.
I'm sure he has an immigration lawyer sorting this out. I can't see Harper or Trudeau stepping in and changing laws because it's a CFL player....................... :roll:

slim, you're missing the point. I'm a joe blow nobody Canadian who gives a rats arse about politics but most often does vote so give me the perception you're a party you care about the average joe and Henry Burris is more or less an average joe, doesn't make the money of average NHL players. So right now the Conservatives are in power and my perception is from this they couldn't care less about the average joe. Accurate or not it's a perception thing. It's politics, it's not about "smarts". So if it's politics then cater to my political side which is more or less non-analytical but more along the lines of acting and Hollywood. As I say, politics is pure BS in my books, and all about perception rather than substance. Politicians play around with public money and do this or that or change this law a bit and that one a bit blah, blah, blah. NDP gets in or Green Party and they start acting like whatever and business goes elsewhere, well guess what, they change or the next election round the corner, pro business gets voted in. A cyclical thing round and round she goes. No change. It's a western capitalistic democracy basically based on business and business basically runs the show in the long run for the most part, not everything but for the most part. NDP gives a bit more percentage to day care programs than conservatives, big deal, that's not what is really going on behind closed doors in politics.

Yes, he and Jason Kenney created this mess. There have been many and extensive amendments to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act under Harper's regime, while Kenney was Immigration Minister.

Yes MadJack, at least politicians while playing around with our money can take the time to get the little things like this right. That's all I ask of politicians, get the little things right because business and capitalism will be telling you what to do with the "big" things. Business is telling the politicians in power to do Syria with the US to get ISIS, I have no doubt, to create an air of confidence etc. for internationals to invest in Canada. That's the way it works and I get that. That's big stuff. But little stuff matters too.

doesn’t matter who the govt is, or who the leader is, these kinds of issues and complaints will continue.

all that really matters is that Burris gets what he is asking for and doesn’t have it on his mind during football season.