Henry Burris!!

Wow, I'll tell you as a Tiger-Cat Fan and I agree with other Cat fans on this blog, I'm sure glad we have Henry Burris as our QB, he's not only a great guy but a heck of a great passing arm and player. Last game against Winnipeg Burris racked something like 333 yards in passing and leads the league currently in passing by 400 yards but I feel that Henry is due for a break out game soon I'm not sure if will be this week or next but you know with all the good receiving talent this team has and healthy now that Henry will have a game were he hits on all cylinders and passes for 500 yards in a game. With Head Coach/GM Kent Austin a big fan of the passing game and Henry having a cannon of an arm, you know it will happen at some point. Maybe we can get our guys like Fantuz, Stala, Ellingson and so on an opportunity this year to hit the 1000 yard mark in receiving!!