Henry Burris

Man, this guy has a cannon for an arm!
Gone are the days of the lollipop tosses from Glenn.
Our receivers have tons of speed and Hank has the armstrength to get it there in a hurry.
This season is gonna be exciting to say the least.

But can he protect the football ?

Yes he can.

I was impressed by what Hank last night. I always thought Hank was a bit of a princess when he was in CGY, but I did not see any evidence of that and loved seeing him run downfield to celebrate with his teammates after that beautiful TD play the CW

He did fumble a quarterback sneak and throw an interception but it is the first pre-season game and a couple plays the receivers and quarterbacks were not on the same page. As for the fumble that could have been a combination of new center, or error with the snap and sometimes happens to the best of them.

I thought Henry looked really good, that pass to Chris Williams was right on the money and hit him in stride. A couple of passes to Grant were bullet passed and right on the numbers in tight coverage. But if you could only pick one pass I think the pass to Sam Giguere had to be the most impressive to me. Burris not only hit Sam right on the numbers but he did it while rolling out and throwing it 35 yards after looking off the defender.

The two mistakes made by Burris will be worked on and worked out during this week and we will see an improved offence in next weeks game…

I liked what I saw from Burris last night, but why is it necessary to demean the former starter? Who does that make your point any stronger? I know we all get excited when the new guy comes to town, but let's not make the Kevin Glenn years out to be the Casey Printers or Jason Maas ones. Glenn led the team to three playoff appearances in three years. He wasn't the guy to bring the Grey Cup back to Hamilton, but he was a big part in making this team a respectable one again.

Yes, I was a Glenn supporter...especially over QP.
But Burris does seem to have more physical talent. And with our wealth of talented receivers...look out!
Glad we didn't trade away Guigerre's rights.
Chevon looks like a keeper.
The 4th QB didn't look bad either.

P.S. It's nice to see TO have a decent QB for a change. I also commend Barker for his positive comments about Burris on TSN.

Physically, Hank is as good or better than he’s ever been. Between the ears,he’s as immature as he’s ever been. However, like most ego players, a change of scenery always gives them an excuse to check the ego a bit and refocus. Just like Arland Bruce last year in BC, whiny bitch in Hamilton magically rediscovers his professionalism in BC and kicks ass. So will Hank this year and probably next year too. This is very good news for Cats fans.

I’m happy to see someone have Glenn’s back. He’s a consistent 4 and 5k passer and a very capable guy, also a great team guy and a great attitude. Yet he seems to be the chopped liver of the CFL.

Easily he’s the best QB the Cats have had since Danny Mac, and although not perfect and never won a title, he dragged that offense to respectability and deserves a little credit.

Absolutely, plus if Burris stinks this year ? You would think after the parade of "saviors" the last decade people would hear what he does instead of what he says :slight_smile:

That’s the thing, even if Burris is more successful, they played with different level of talent, well “weapons” anyway. Now we have to see how the oline performs.

I was not a Kevin Glenn fan last season, but he was the offense’s leader when they had some great wins:

first and second game against BC
Labour Day
the Moncton game
Eastern semi final

The team and the league went through some harrowing inconsistency or parity, which ever side of the coin you prefer.

I wish him well in Calgary and am very excited about the Burris era in Hamilton.

Yeah, that was a pretty unanimous consensus form our group of 15 last night. Pretty much everyone comment don how much Burris' deep passes are than Glenn's.

That, and Burris' movement that bought receivers time to get open.

I think Burris can still win in the CFL but only if the 0-line can protect him and give him enough time to throw. They have guys who can catch and guys who can run. But Burris can only do his job if the 5 guys in front of him are good enough and the jury's still out on that one.

An Argo-Cat fan

I think Burris is still feeling pressure after looking over his shoulder in Calgary, you know that when Hank was forcing the ball and threw into double coverage a few times and was intercepted. But the old arm is still there. :thup:

I can see how that is demeaning of Kevin Glenn and meant it as his arm strength is no where near that of Burris as shown last game.
I apologize for that.
I was a huge Glenn fan, but I thought his weaknesses were his size, arm strength for the deep ball and mobility.
These are attributes that Hank has and that Glenn does not.

Glenn definatly had great tools but when it came down to crunch time he was not a leader and could not make the play when it counted. Good luck to him in Calgary, Tate will falter at some point and he will get a chance.