Henry Burris to get Presidents Ring

The presidents ring will be given to Henry Burris later today. Announcement forth coming.

Geez RW2005, you shouldn't bring that up. Now the Burris bashers will be around to critisize that decision too! :roll: :roll:

Too late sporty it was announced. :lol: Take a look at the at article and the stats it provides on Henry. those nay sayer loser Rider fans are just plain jealous.

Or, from a positive point of view…It might sell more t-shirts! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

HMMM they have the new Reggie Hunt su-cks shirts made already.

Oh contraire.
After the season the Stamps had last year, who else can you even think of on that team who deserves the award?
Interesting to note that Danny Barret, one of my personal favourite players, won the award 3 times.

And conspicuous by his absence, is Doug Flutie....

And Doug Flutie won 3 or 4 Grey Cups. Conspicuous by his absence of even winning 1. Danny Barrett.

yes, that is very interesting given the criteria for the award:

This honour is presented annually at the conclusion of each football season to a player who is voted by his teammates as having exceptional motivational and leadership skills on and off the field.

Facts are facts. Nice guy. Bad coach. To bad his motivational skills never got us a Grey Cup. His leadership never got us a home playoff game.

You started the Doug Flutie comparision. I was glad to finish it. Ask the Stamps fans this. Who meant more to Stamps? Flutie or Barrett?

...Flutie...hands down...

...Rob Cote...

It could be several players but obviously his team mates felt he deserved it. Nothing to do with the how the season turned out. Look at the states and that will shut up the nay sayers.