Henry Burris ranks current CFL top QBs

HenryBurris current top CFL quarterbacks

  1. Mike Reilly
  2. Bo Levi Mitchell
  3. Matt Nichols
  4. Trevor Harris
  5. Jeremiah Masoli
  6. Ricky Ray
  7. Jonathon Jennings
  8. Darian Durant
  9. Kevin Glenn

At first, Burris doesn’t list a ninth pivot, but when pressed, the future hall of famer gives Kevin Glenn the nod over Zach Collaros.
“Who’s in the nine-hole?? asked Burris. “I’m going to go with Kevin Glenn over Zach. Kevin Glenn did more. 0-12, are you guys serious??

I think Henry better stick to his TV work or what ever. Nichols, Masoli and Harris ahead of Ricky Ray?

Oh lets count game wins and Grey Cups or Media attractions. Okay Ray wins

its not about history. it is about today

today, for this upcoming season, I would put Ray ahead of only Masoli, and Glenn ahead of Durant. Otherwise, I agree with Hank.

Thats what I said.Top Four and 8th Masoli and then who!! Durant, Glen, as third string back ups!!!!
well we wish them well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...fair assessment IMO...

I am amazed hank did not put himself number one on the list.

This is so subjective, look at the NFL, Brady and Belicheck, the best qb and coach some will say get beat by a no. 2 backup qb that most people said had no chance. And Foles was ready to quit the game recently believe it or not and wins the darn game as starting qb!

Give me one qb to win the GC next year? I'll pick RR.

Actually I agree with his list.

It’s almost as though there are other players on both teams.

True enough ExPat.

My pick too. Class with experience, will coach one day as has smarts and cool!!!!!!!!!

Henry Burris was a level-headed quarterback whose emotions never got the better of him. That's why he should be taken seriously if he says that Jeremiah Masoli is better than Ricky Ray.

lol...yeah it's not like Burris never threw team mates under the bus and never took any accountability for anything that ever went wrong. He is still the only player in sports history who NEVER ever made a mistake.

ask him if he ever made a mistake.

lol.......He never took accountability for anything he's ever done on the field, he would make a mistake if I ever asked him this question.

For 2018: The QB who I think is going to be on the rise is J. Masoli. I think he will be the top QB in the East, followed very closely by Trevor Harris.

2018:I see Matt Nichols being the best in the West closely followed by Collaros who I think will have a real bounce back year.

All that said if I had to build a team around a QB I would take BLM. I think overall he's the best in the CFL by quite a bit.

you think Nichols, Collaros and BLM all better than Reilly?

In 2018 I think Nichols and Collaros will have a better year than will Reilly. I didn't say that I thought they are better than Reilly just that this season they will have a better year imo.

But overall I think BLM is a better QB than Reilly. Both are very good obviously.

Yeah...if I was picking an active staring QB that would have to be the man.