Henry Burris Player of the Week I think not.

What's with the ground swell of Henry Burris fans - Glen Suitor included and now the CFL joining the parade by picking him over Kerry for player of the week. Henry didn't win a football game - Kerry did.

I was just thinking about the players of the week and its funny how a first place team can hardly ever have any players of the week. Maybe the ego strokers have to try to assit the other teams!!!

Kerry didn't toss three TD passes and run three more in.....Burris did.

I have to agree JM.

Completion % Burris 76% Joseph 59% - Edge Burris
Passing yrds Burris 362 Joseph343 - Edge Burris
T/D INT ration Burris 3 TD 1 INT Joseph 2 TD 2 INT - Edge Burris
Rushing yrds Burris 50 Joseph 72 - Edge Joseph
Rushing TD's Burris 3 Joseph 1 - Edge Burris

Joseph was worth consideration, but I belive Burris did have the better game. The stats seem to support it.

Case closed.


well u sure are gettin good at those remarks you seem to endlessly come up with jm02, get a grip that will never happen

So anyway, robbie/alvin/whatever you wanna be called now.....long time, no see, thankfully.....got any more threats for me hidden in your private messages? I mean, it's been a long time since I've had a death threat.....

But Henry needed the overtime to beef up his stats.

I thought Dominguez would get runner up consideration behind Burris, not Joseph.

Can't argue with Burris' stats though, it is an individual award and not a team award, winning and losing is not in the criteria.

And what the heck is with all the idiots...

I expected Hank to get the nod this wek.
His stats are as good, or better than KJ, but you can't argue with the double hat trick--3 EDs passing, 3 rushing.
6 in total is an enormous accomplishment and by themselves might have got him the nod.

Yawn. Who is this Hank person and why is this thread posted in the SASKATCHEWAN ROUGHRIDERS section of this site?? Aren't some of you tired of the trash-talk about our infatuation with Burris, especially from Stamps fans, well this thread supports their argument. My god people, Kerry Joseph is our starting quarterback, and is doing a helluva job so far.

Three dropped TD passes dosen't help either (Fantuz,Flick,Armstead)........GO RIDERS

I still say the POTW awards are way overrated. Its how the team performs, and the Riders are doing well as a team. If they gt the individual award, its gravy, but the important thing is that the team keeps playing good football and win.

It rewards good individual play, and I honestly don't mind to see them reward the stand outs, but it ends up being as significant as power rankings.

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