Henry Burris may be coming to town

TSN has just reported that the Tiger Cats have an agreement in place to acquire Henry Burris...details to follow...

This does not excite me at all…

I heard the headline during a break in the World Junior tournament. Here's the link to the TSN story...


According to TSN it is:

To Calgary:
QB - Kevin Glenn
Additional Player

To Hamilton:
QB - Henry Burris

Trade doesn't bother me, would rather have Burris then Glenn. Glenn proved last year how useless he truly is.

Not sure why Obie would give up a second unnamed player (in addition to Glenn) in the deal though unless the player in question was marginal at best..

Either way, hopefully Burris experiences a rejuvenation this year and provides a legitimate shot for the Cup.

Only time will tell...

Why are we sending an additional player? Bob should have had the upper hand in the trade negotiations, considering Calgary would have had to pay Burris a significant bonus.

A Salary Dump is possible - free up some space to make a big free agency splash.

I hope it's a restructured contract. He made an awful lot of money last year for what looked like a noodle arm.

Seems trades around here always favour the other team :roll:

If anyone honestly thinks that Glenn is a better QB then Burris, they are bat-shit-crazy.

It's possible that Hamilton was in competition for Burris, so they had to sweeten the pot a little bit with another player.

I am glad that Glenn is gone. He had three seasons to get it done and could not.

Lefko has also reported that the Ticats are about to ask the Bills for permission to talk to Cortez.

I really think this is best for us. This could put us over the top. Glenn is a choke artist who seems to get injured every time theres a playoff game on the line. This could be a great fit for Burris and us. Stoked for this! Burris>Glenn!

I suspect you might be correct there. I am sure that Obie would have preferred to sit in the weeds and pick Hank up after Calgary released him, just like he did a couple of seasons ago when he out-waited Winnipeg and picked up Glenn without having to trade any asset. But he couldn't risk it this time; if Hank was released, both Toronto and Saskatchewan would have been able to take him before Hamilton as they finished lower in the standings; and I'm sure he didn't want to risk either of those teams picking him up just to keep him out of Hamilton. So making a trade to be sure to get him is probably a sound move. And I agree, it was time for Glenn to move on.

TigerDesign, you are relatively new here (and welcome by the way!), so don't take this personally. Longtime posters will tell you I have a pet peeve about one all-too-common mistake (that I try to avoid complaining about during the season, but in the offseason, it's open season!). .. so I think you meant to say "if anyone honestly thinks that Gleen is a better quarterback THAN Burris."



Guess I better get started re-painting my bobble head!!!! :frowning:

TSN just reported that the two Tiger cat players who will be going to Calgary in the Burris trade are Kevin Glenn and Mark Dewitt....

Not new, couldn't transfer over properly a few years ago - and just kind of didn't bother getting it fixed, oh and it's Glenn, not Gleen :wink:.

Hopefully they will be able to re-sign Rottier then, or at least have another o-lineman on the radar through free agency.

Thanks TigerDesign :smiley: :oops:


What MadJack said.
Sasky had the upper hand on gettng Hank.
TO has Ray and no money for both.
Nice job Obie!