Henry Burris - Man of the Match.

If Cats still had Kevin Glenn we go 0-3. Period.

Hank is like good wine, he's getting better with age. :thup:

I think Hank would have ridiculous stats if he actually had Fantuz, Stala, and Jones in the lineup. Too many rookies in there right now who aren't getting open very quickly causing Hank to scramble excessively. Not having Cobourne pass blocking or being a screen option also hurts. Hopefully all these young guys improve as the season progresses.

Burris had a great game! :thup:

When the Cats had Kevin Glenn they never started 0-3. They also never missed the playoffs, either. Just sayin'.

Henry played a good game not his best but a good one and kept many drives alive by his scrambling ability also he threw the ball many times right to our receivers and they dropped the ball so you can't fault Henry for getting the ball out to his team mates? I would like to see the Cats bring in two really good wide receivers still with speed and good hands, some of these Canadian kids cannot catch the ball, Bakari Grant, Gant and Sam G had a great game but they were the Exceptions?

also with glenn.... zero cups... stfu

also just saying.

don't even try to say we were better off with Glenn as the QB, defense was just slightly better then

Espo, Kevin Glenn is a great QB. STFU.

Coach Austin has a play in the play book where Smilin' Hank pump fakes, puts up a long ball and catches it himself for a TD with only seconds to go. He's saving it for the Eastern Final.

Oskee Wee Wee

a1exander you're literally a little bit handicapped if you think Kevin Glenn is a GREAT QB.

there's really nothing more to say,

he's a #5-7 QB in this league. no arm, hears footsteps, gets jittery.

love the guy to death, appreciate what he's done for us a few years ago (especially that big playoff win against MTL)

but that was about as for as his mediocrity could take us. (see Calgary, Grey Cup, last year, no ring)

Rudy was a great story too.... they still only let him in on the last play of a blowout game

I may be a little bit handicapped Espo, but the polite thing to do would not be bring it up.

Just sayin'.


hey, if you are i'm sorry...

mainly to the other such people at the programs you hang out at. they're clearly hearing a lotta nonsense from you and shaking their heads in derision.

And how many Cups has Burris won with the Cats? How many playoff games has he won or even played in with the Tabbies?

I'm not sure why, into Burris' second season with the Cats, that anyone would bring up Glenn, but since he was the facts are that Burris has played in the same amount of playoff games with the Cats as Jason Maas and Casey Printers did. And for all his huge number, he piloted the team to a last-place finish. The only quarterback to start a playoff game for the Ti-Cats since McManus left town is Glenn. Since all I keep seeing are in here are posts talking about "all that matters is wins" tell me how a guy who guided the team to three playoff appearances is inferior to a guy who has guided the team to none?

And Burris' superiority has gotten the Ti-Cats where, exactly? A last-place finish (that never happened with Glenn)? A playoff-less season (that never happened with Glenn)? How are the Cats better today under Burris than they were during Glenn's three years as starter? They're 1-2 once again, so I guess Burris and Glenn have that in common. Except Burris was 1-2 last year and managed to win only five out of the next 16 games. Glenn was 1-2 in 2011 and got the team to the East Final and was 1-2 in 2010 and got the team a second consecutive home playoff game. So again, how is Burris the more successful Tiger-Cat QB?

People like to rag on Glenn, but the facts are that he is the more successful QB in Hamilton between he and Burris. You can say all you want about what Burris has accomplished elsewhere, but as far as the résumé of the two are concerned in Hamilton it's not even close right now.

EDIT: Oh, now I see your other posts. You don't seem like someone who is actually here to discuss the merits of any players, but instead would rather hurl invectives at those you disagree with. Don't bother answering my questions because the answers will likely not be all that intelligent.

Kevin Glenn is a nice quarterback. Super nice guy. Probably very friendly. Wins a fair amount of regular season games. puts up some decent numbers (with superior talent surrounding him but i won't bother bringing that up) Kevin Glenn is a good quarterback, not a great one. And at the end of the day, good is the enemy of great.

He doesn't have the big arm, he doesn't have to composure under fire that many of the great QBs have had, and maybe it's just his posture and size but he seems to sulk and whine when he's losing a game.

Sure i'll take him over a guy like Mike Bishop every day (million dollar arm, five cent head) but not over Burris

Henry Burris is (in terms of whats available right now) a top tier QB, probably a great QB.(maybe not "all time great" but that's another discussion entirely that Kevin Glenn isn't even mentioned in)
Burris has all the tools, puts up the numbers and believe it or not, actually has won a Cup as a starting QB and still has a lot of gas left in the tank.

as far as hurling invectives goes? sometimes the monkeys throw enough poop around you gotta drop trou, grunt a little and join in :wink:

EDIT: btw Burris just put up a win and 362 yards 2 TDs and 0 INTs against a strong Winnipeg D without Chris Williams, Onrea Jones or Andy Fantuz... (also not around that helped Kevin Glenn out a bit were Arland Bruce, Marcus Thigpen, any semblance of a running game, etc etc etc)

that said, a lot of people are crediting the defense with this win.

Fair point.

when Glenn was in town we had a better defense in place. It was a mid range defense instead of last years bottom of the barrel defense.

Hank exceeded all expectations last night. Putting up those kind of numbers and a big with with that level of talent is impressive.

I really liked Kevin Glenn. I got to tease one of my best friends who lives in Winnipeg every time he did well. That playoff win was really good for him. However he was definitely a notch below Hank. He was the top of the 2nd tier of QB's in the league instead of in the top tier.

Last year we were the first team ever to have the best offense and the worst defense at the same time. This year the defense looks like it could be average and that's all we need to be a contender. That and a running back.

Burris played extraordinarily well considering the Bombers front four were pawing his mug all night long. (including 7 sacks)

Most QB's would have buckled under the constant pressure, yet Burris maintained composure for the majority of the game.

Now if the OLine and Walker's blocking ability were to improve, especially at RG/RT, Burris would be putting up staggering numbers. (instead of just great numbers) :stuck_out_tongue:

Point was Glenn could not have scrambled out of danger last night the Way Hank did. Put Glenn with all this year's growing pains and the team would be 0-3.

HANK FOR POPE :cowboy:

I was skeptical when we brought in Henry Burris (age and his benching in Calgary). I am happy to report that I am converted. Yes, he had his fumbles and interceptions last season. He still had a most amazing success with new players and coaches to adjust to. I like his arm and mobility. Hes a good leader out there. Hes mature and knows how to marshal the troops, especially the rookies. Hes always positive and Ive never heard him throw a teammate under the bus.

I`m a Burris believer.