Henry Burris/Jermaine Copeland

Just a quick note about the new rising duo in the CFL. Burris and Copeland are finally on the same page and creating headaches for DB's. I mentioned them previously but thought they deserved another mention. Together they give the Stamps the big play combination they have lacked since Garcia and Pitts.

Go Stamps Go!

What about Nik Lewis??

I'm not trying to be mean or rude in anyway, but this really isn't something that needs to be posted in the CFL fourm. Next time you should consider just putting it in the Calgary Stampeders forum. But to answer, yes Copeland and Burris have looked mighty good so far, and have a real chemistry.

Since you asked, I will take Glenn to Brazzell or Stegal for chemisrty and excitement.

Other good duos are:

  • Casey Printers with the bench
  • Micheal Bishop with the floor
  • Ted White with some DBs

You forgot Nealon and a bottle of scotch!

How about Tee Martin and the sideline stripes?

Over 50% of his passes ended up there.

How about Joffrey Reynolds and touchdowns!

someone just figured out how to use photo shop didn't they

Wrong billy keep planting those trees the bears love ya!

Nah. I'd say Nealon with the Green... :stuck_out_tongue:

Ricky Ray and natural turf????

This weekend Ricky Ray and John Grace. lol

I think it's more likely it will be Burris and the Calgary bench.