Henry Burris is the Best QB in the CFL.

...and he's ours.
TC fans quibble and complain about the silliest things. How about a little positivity about having a future HoF'er here ?

He is certainly playing stellar ball in the twilight of his career…

When hes on, hes the best, when hes off, its hard to watch! Def HOF'er though!!

Agreed.. 2 years in a row now he has stepped up and led this team...... no argument... or conditions here!!

Id rather have him than any other qb right now...

but back to quibbling about the silliest of things did anyone else notice on tsn that they put up a picture of Corey Grant when they were talking about Bakari Grant, it even had Bakari Grant written under it. they went on for about 1min and a half without anyone there noticing.

I agree, He is the best
I cannot believe some fans would leave him unprotected in the expansion draft.
My vote is to offer him a 2 year extension on his expiring contract.

Sign him Up!

agreed with all comments.

Not only is Burris still a top tier QB, but also one of the most durable throughout his lengthy career.

Hard to believe the Stamps threw the Grey Cup MVP to the curb so quickly after an MOP season just the year before...and in favor of Tender Tate.

Bully for us. :thup: :smiley:

There are some plays where he has tons of time but still takes a sack instead of throwing it away or taking off with it, but the majority of his passes have been absolutely on the money.

IMO, he's been much better than last year. :thup:

When you're hot you always think there's still a play to be made. O-line played well agaimst a pretty soild WPG D-line.

:thup: Well said and you are right on about Smilin' Hank - he's having a helluva season so far. Actually there is a lot to be positive about tonight. Good game for the Cats.

YUP!!! Corey Grant head…Bakari Grants stats…thats the third time TSN has done that this year…time to update your data base fellas,someone’s asleep at the switch. :roll:

I hate to throw water on the fire but I'd say there are three QBs who are pretty close. Burris, Ray and Durant. Each has a different skill set but all three are excellent QBs and each is well suited to his team's offence.

I wouldn't sign Burris to a two year extension. I remember how quickly Damon Allen declined after winning the GC. Also, look at AC this season. Even if you take into account, all the turmoil in Montreal this year, he doesn't look like the same guy who has been the league's best QB for a decade. Thirty-nine is thirty-nine, no matter how you slice it, even for a guy as talented as Burris.

An Argo-Cat fan

I could add Travis Lulay to that list also,
Signing Burris to a 2 year contract signs him thru 2016 , the year Hamilton hosts the Grey Cup

Allen declined after winning the Grey Cup?
So let Burris win the Grey Cup and then we'll see if he declines!! if he does then let him go or maybe he will decide to retire after winning a GC.

Agreed, Mike. I'd sign Burris to an extension. Good quality starters are hard to find. Just ask Winnipeg. If Burris falters or tails off then simply move on. Meantime, he's around to run your offense and to help develop the backup for the future.

The problem with Montreal's situation is that Calvillo is old and is showing it, lost his mentor (Trestman), Hawkins proved to be bogus as a head coach and there is no proven backup in the wings to take over. The worst of all possible situations.

actually, Allen won the Grey Cup MVP at 41 years of age (2004) and the CFL MOP at 42 years old (2005)

In comparison, Burris just turned 38, thus should have a good 2-3 years left given his conditioning propensity, durability, and the fact that his outstanding numbers are among the best of his career at this chronological stage.

I'm less concerned about Henry's age right now and more concerned with the fact that I think he's the best QB in the league right now.

Last nights display was great to watch and I'm enjoying this season more than other seasons in recent memory despite our home games being in Guelph.

He's looking excellent no question and seems to have the guys on the team believing. Things are looking real good!


Lest anyone thinks Durant is better. He stunk today.