Henry Burris has red eyes?

Does Burris wear coloured contacts? Or does CBC constantly catch him at a bad angle? It seems that he has red eyes sometimes. Perhaps it's just a reflection off of his shirt?

If I were a quarterback, I would wear white coloured contacts so that no one would read my eyes.

I saw that too.
I figured it was red contacts

I would say he needs a stronger prescription. :lol:

I heard it's a filtered or coloured contact lens that is supposed to help him see better. Although im sure someone like RedandWhite or Redwhite2005 would have better information.

...sorry, can't say for sure about that one...if it is true then I'd be sending John Nerdelbaum I. Q. Frink, Jr back to the drawing board to rethink how well those contacts worked....'GLAVIN'...

They are a specialized contact that gives a red tint and it is suppose to take out glare. I think it is time to get rid of them it has effected his play since he started wearing them iMO.

I remember them being commented about a couple games back on TV. I do not think he wore them when he was a Rider, so I do not think they can be blamed for his ongoing brain farts and inconsistant play. Without a doubt, the most frustrating QB that I have seen in the CFL, from brillance to butterfinger in a flash...

He did not wear them with the Riders.
Supposedly, his ophthamologist in Calgary suggested them to help him play better...

Maybe thats why Henry is throwing so many picks... he thinks all the guys downfield are Calgary receivers!... :stuck_out_tongue:

Believe it or not, the contacts were supposed to prevent the picks...go figure...

Burris's inaccurate nature as a QB has to do with technique more so then weird looking contacts. Watch him throw. He often throws off balance and while on the run. Oddly he seems to be OK on the run sometimes but still inaccurate. He lacks physical strength in his arm to throw straight darts at receivers. Watch him throw on the goal line and compare it to Anthony Cavillo (hope I spelled that right). Burris' throws often have an arc to them which allows DB's to cover ground and intercept the ball.

Henry Burris likely has the strongest arm in the league.
And Cavillo definately does not!
The reason (one of them at least) Hank throws so many picks is because his arm is so strong, he tries to force the ball–sometimes into double coverage, sometimes he just doesn’t know when to give up on the play, ie., he throws off-balance and on the run WHEN HE SHOULD NOT.
But it sure ain’t a “strength issue”