Henry Burris ' Dobson Collins' signed?


If you click on the team1200 Burris interview on the link above you will hear around the 3-4 minute mark that he said he just found out Collins signed.
This was on Feb4 and we have yet to hear an announcement about the apparent deal.

Apparently Collins has been signed or they wouldn't have told Burris. By my count of the current players signed including Collins stands at 65 players. Not all have made their way to the Official Roster on the RB's site though. The rules says 68 players are allowed at the main training camp plus drafted Canadians. With some more positions needing depth such as the OL and LB, more signing should be coming. I don't believe their is a count on rookies for that early camp, they just have to cut down to that 68 plus number plus drafted Canadians for the main camp. I read somewhere that the number going into main camp had been changed to 75, but it still shows 68 on this site.

It is 75 and the first cut down brings in to 68 fairly quickly.

Well, there was hardly any fanfare or any such, and I'm not sure he appears on the CFL's rather spotty transactions lists, but Collins IS on the roster.


Dobson Collins isn't bad,played here some in Hamilton last year(like most of your roster :wink: )IMO if you want an even better Ex-Cat at receiver,the RB's would be smart to sign up the recently released Onrea Jones who has caught passes from Burris the last 2 years.Jones isn't flashy,but he is a consumate team player who I always liked when he was here,a great attitude and a steady performer who unfortunately got caught up in the numbers game here in Hamilton,with the FA signing of Koch and Austin's love affair with Tasker,who Jones lost his job to late last season.