Henry Burris - Cue the Comeback???

With Lulay down for the count, a cloud hanging over Kevin Glenn's coffee delivery hand, Durant & Willy stanching it up in Montreal and now Trev Harris going down in the nation's capital - COULD THIS SIGNAL A RETURN TO THE GRIDIRON FOR BURRIS?

A. It would only be for 5 to 7 games - plus Ottawa appears only eastern team nearly guaranteed for a playoff home game!

B. Hank may be 42 but he knows the league, knows what to do, and would be coming in fresh (don't know if that really helps or hurts Hank)

C. His ego might not be able to resist. Especially in hometown Ottawa - he could come in initially as Tate's backup - and if Tate turkeyed Hank could ride into the rescue.

D. Money - a quick Mulroney manila envelope with $175 to $200k for mostly standing around, attending practice and monitoring Tate couldn't hurt the family account.

Am i on Candid Camera?!?!?

You mean step in and save the league?