Henry Burris AKA Peter Cottontail

WTF was that dance in the endzone?!?!?! :lol: The dude was doin the bunnny hop in the endzone!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :thdn:

Is that what that was I see the replays over and over again and I am racking my brain trying to figure out what the hell that was. That has got to be the dumbest endzone dance I have ever seen.

I think it is time for the CFL to start imposing some serious fines for such goofiness! To be honest, I love it when someone "hotdogs" and then loses! Was nice to see Burris eating crow. Next time we should send him some from the Crow Capital of Saskatchewan...way to go Kamsack!!

The bunny hop, is that not the manliest thing you've ever seen. I knew after that moment I was gazing upon greatness, the epitome of manhood, and at moment I myself finally knew what it was to be a man. :stuck_out_tongue: That had to have seriously took some cahonnes, doing it in public like that.

I'm pretty sure that was the viper dance from the movie Dodgeball. It was actually kind of funny, even more funny that they lost.

If that was the Viper dance, then he completely mangled it. Either way, that was by far one of the dumbest celebrations I've ever seen. It was actually painful to watch.

It may have been painful and stupid but it's not worthy of a fine. That's a lame suggestion. Lets NOT turn this into the NFL.

It was goofy looking whatever it was. While he was doing it, I thought he was supposed to be some kind of prancing horse, but I can see the bunny hop thought process. If you have to guess what the celebration is, its not a good one.

to me.. from the angle I was at... looked like he was acting like he was riding a horse.

I hope to never see it again.

Henry needs to polish up his acting skills, I think the dance just left everyone scratching their heads.

I think the TD pass to Getzlaff for the win was the Football Gods way of punishing Hank for that mess.

The touchdown dance or whatever it was made Burris look silly. His comments after the game made him look worse. He said Calgary lost because they played bad. Not that the Riders played good or anything about Durant making a great pass. Why does he always act like a sore loser? Same last year when Calvillo won the MVP. He whined then to. Nothing about Calvillo playing great last year. Henry Burris needs to learn about sportmanship.

I KNOW RIGHT! And every time i say that im told IM the sore loser. "We played bad. It was our game to lose and we lost" Now had they won it prob would have been: "I just had to come out and play MY game and I was able to make plays so we could win"
Everybody says Stegall is a ego maniac but this guy is the TRUE ego maniac. Why is TSN so hung up on this guy! He's not agood role model at all!

What the heck? I made a post in this thread (concerning Stevie Baggs bowing after every tackle) and it has vanished completely. Where the heck did it go? :x

Hey ya wtf?!?

Maybe you didnt notice.....
But you posted it in the thread called "Does anybody else notice this"


Stevie Baggs didn't make any tackles of defence. Henry just feel down a few plays. Ask Henry. It's never about the other team doing anything good. Calgary lost. No way did Saskatchwan win. Right Henry? :lol:

:roll: Henry Burris is a class act

I think the refs should have thrown a flag on Burris just for how bad that dance was.

Un-rhythmiclike conduct?