Henry Burris a class guy!

From the GSG site.

Knew a guy who lives here who is originally from Winnipeg and obviously a Bomber fan. He took his two sons down to watch the Bombers open pratice before the game Sunday. After watching practice, the went into the Stamps store where they saw none other than Henry "Smilin' Hank" Burris.

Burris asked what was up with the Winnipeg gear, and they said they were Winnipeg fans. Burris responded by saying to the two young kids "If you cheer for the Stamps, i'll buy you a couple of shirts and autograph them for you."

So they said yes and Burris pulled out his credit card and paid for the two shirts for the kids and autographed them. Now the kids have a hero to cheer for in Burris and a new team to cheer for.

See dad you can have one too.

Henry is a class act and a great quarterback.


Great Story

I am sure he has done that in Regina when he was there right.

Go Stamps
I Bleed Red and so does everyone else.


he was also a class act when he rubbed it in shannon garrett's face when he got injured on the last game of the season when Nik Lewis said he was gonna end his career in 05 before we won the cup (im still in a come from after the grey cup and i have no awaken yet ) ......classy classy

Corny, you know you should not drink heavy in the afternoons it makes you post nonsense. We all know that was Lil Niky and he has learned a valuable lesson. What did Hank have to do with that? I see blame Hank. I read the book you know the Rider version.


Somebody get bobbypee the book will ya.

ok first of all my two cans of lucky lager at lunchtime had nothing to do with that post..second he laughed when Garrett was hurt on the field...and 3rd was it as corny as it looked when he brought his kid on to the field with him after they won the last game or game before that

I read it again and put punctuation in I got it. Now I know why people complained about my own punctuation . Thats a long word.

I like Burris, but it bothers me that he would bribe the kids to cheer for the stamps. Why not just buy them the stuff without condition?

Corny tell it is not true the Blooper Bombers your going to cheer for after see your team yet again miss the playoffs. Only 15 or more to go to catch those Riders

Very cool story by the way.

I heard the same thing Iginla did for two fans at the Olympic games in Salt Lake. Except these guys had no place to stay and could not afford accomodations because they were expensive. So he paid for their hotel. I am sure there are many stories such as this for every team. I bet Stegal does a lot for the community in Winnipeg.

Just like Burris, hes all about the money.

Right! I always admired Henry, still do. I did run into him once in Regina, and he was nothing but first class all the way. Great Story!

LMAO!! Now That’s funny!

That was a cool story but it would have been better if he had bought the kids Bombers shirts and signed it.

Well, either way, I also see Burris as a classy guy. Just by the way he behaves himself on the field you can see that.