Henry and Nicole Burris hit another bump in citizenship appl

Henry and Nicole Burris hit another bump in citizenship application process:

[url=http://ottawacitizen.com/sports/football/cfl/henry-and-nicole-burris-hit-another-bump-in-citizenship-application-process]http://ottawacitizen.com/sports/footbal ... on-process[/url]

I am not sure why there is any problem here, Henry and his Wife have been heavily involved in Big Brothers and many other community organizations, raised a family here, and is a role model that any parent would want their child to look up to.
This should be a rubber stamp, no problem, welcome to Canada process and the Government Buffoons are looking like idiots as usual.
It really gives me absolutely zero confidence in the immigration department if these are the same people that are ramrodding 25,000 refugees through the system, yet don't have the insight and common sense to see that the Burris's would be model Citizens to our Country.

I think the permanent resident status method would have been quicker to obtain citizenship . They only care about time in Canada to go the final step .

On another note why do people get to mock our citizenship ritual or decide on what they want to do . A few moments humble themselves with taking the oath .   Had to say it; this irks .....  me . At least wait a few minutes after the ritual before telling us which laws you are going to abide by according to your religion , non religion or anti monarch stance  .  Oh well this is life in 2016 Canada .   I am [u]pro immigrant [/u]but want our oath sworn respectfully if you want to become a Canadian citizen . At least wait a minute for crapping on the oath you swore .

The Burris family deserves to be all Canadian and I am sure they will make the oath about wanting to be Canadian and not about the oath ceremony being offensive . Just don't understand how they get by passed in citizenship and others who actually dislike our way of life and make a public statement about it are allowed citizenship . It just doesn't make sense .

Great. More Burris whining about something...

asinine comment

reading the article Burris is beening treated fairly. Do your paper work then get in line
Nothing wrong with that. No special treatment required,

But thats the thing are they being treated fairly some might say because there Americans there getting the run around.

It appears the part time job was blocking their path . Someone in citizenship was being a bit of a jerk . I would love 400 thousand for a part time job . They thought he would be a burden to our Canadian economy. If they went thru permanent residency they could have been prevented from traveling back to the US to visit family as this would have broken the two year rule to stay in Canada . Unless it has changed that is the quickest way to be Canadian just stay here long enough and don't get arrested after permanent resident status . That's my take on the article . The other way is more difficult because of the red tape involved . I am very surprised that a Citizenship lawyer did not expedite the situation at all .


If they were from Egypt or Turkey it would play well in the media if the feds said something or even if the pm spoke out but because there from the States that would not play well.

How so? The reporter asked questions and he answered them.


It was all in the subtext...

You've just given up haven't you? You can't be bothered to come up with an asinine comment, you just write "asinine comment"....

LOL - you still can't get over Burris shredding Hamilton's big "D" - :smiley:

I got lazy, what can I say.