Henri Childs

Has anyone heard what they have in store for him for the season opener?

he wont be playin for the first game and will be out for about a week or two with that injured knee

Thanks PCJ9

no prob

no prob

i saw him in training camop and he looked really good, almost built like smith. He would be a good short yeardage running back.

Didnt see him the first preseason game? He had over 90 yards..

I wonder if he is healthy now, I would love to see him get a few carries against the eskimos.

not yet, one more week or so it appears before he will suit up again......

we'll probably unleash him in our next game in Toronto ...go Henri..

Yeah GO HENRI! lol I watched him in our Home exhibition game and he looked like the 2nd coming of Mike Sellars although a bit smaller and a better pure runner.

Must have still not been healthy, Ran Graeme Bell a few times in the 4th quarter. Hmm if someone could post some info on his injury that would be great.

WOW Triple POST! Somebody doesnt like me :cry:.

Anyways heres the Latest on Childs, RB/SB Henri Childs (knee) might play next week against Montreal.

Did anyone see Tellis Redmon play during camp? Wondered why he didn’t stick…I wouldn’t think Childs is a better running back.

Like others have said Childs REALLY impressed during training camp and preseason. In that home game against Montreal he averaged 10 yards a carry - that is insane. He was the reason Smith was let go. I also like the fact that he was being tried out as reciever on some plays, which incidently is how he got injured.
I have not heard anything as to whether he'll play today, but apparently there were only a couple of roster changes, and his name wasn't there......

We kept Childs for a reason and thats because he can flat out GAME. I really cant wait to see him in action, I wonder if Berry and Gibson are going to try to get him involved in the offense kind of like a spellback or something.

Henri Childs reminds me of Ron Dayne while playing at Wisconsin. Who else cant wait to see him get some touches?

Lets hope Henry can pick up the slack if Charlie is having a tough time on the grass, its nice to have someone capable to go to if that is the case.

Henri played pretty good out there last night, He really gives Glenn a big target to throw too. Hopefully we will see him get a couple carrys next week. I was suprised he didnt even get one carry especially considering the ground game was nowhere to be found.

you have to give some credit to Childs and Regi for really helping out the oline in the blocking department last night, the EE never really got close to KG most of the night.