Henri Childs

Henri Childs has signed with the Alouettes.

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I do not recall ever seeing play last year; if any of you Bomber fans did see him play, what was your impression?

...in my opinion ...someone on the Als. was very observant...Childs is a good one...Bombers just couldn't find room for the guy...and then he got injured...(something you might have to watch for)...otherwise you guys picked up a talented player...who hasn't really had a chance to show his best game.... :thup: sorry to see him go.. :frowning:

I was surprised at this signing...didn't know Winnipeg had released him.
I know Sir Charles doesn't like to have any competition around but you need some back-up available.

Childs wouldve been a star if he started last year, his potential is down, but hes stil got a great chance of developing into something good.

The Als like to bring a ton of backs to camp. I would have to say he is a long shot but I would not be overly surprised either if he won a spot.