The Bombers need to sign this guy, pronto ! Not only is he a proven commodity, he was by far the best player we had when he played for us.. I think this a priority. C'mon Walters. Go Walters Go.

Would love him back, but could we afford him after picking up the last couple guys?
But can we afford not to?

Count me amongst those who'd like to see Henoc back here as well. Couple of problems - 1. reportedly his agent is looking for $200 K per year, obviously prorated for the balance of the season, but still, a lot of coin. 2. Is there a spot for him on the team. He's an upgrade over Hurl, but they've thrown a lot of praise Hurl's way over the last month or so and given how much they've committed to him, would they spend even more to land Henoc if they don't have a guaranteed spot for him? Walters would be familiar with Henoc but they haven't exactly shown much desire to bringing back former Bombers from the prior regime.

Not sure anyone will give him the $200K though. That's money more likely to head to the returning OL guys and Henoc will have to settle for what's left. Edmonton for instance is apparently so desperate they are switching Eddie Steele over to start on the OLine from his Dline spot tomorrow vs the Stamps. So which teams are looking for a starting MLB at this point? Calgary, Edmonton, Hamilton, Montreal, Toronto are pretty set at LB starters, probably Ottawa as well. BC may be an option, they're still trying to replace Elimimian but I've heard their primary focus. Maybe the Riders as well, not that they have need for a MLB, but they've been active picking up some ex bombers lately like Don Unamba and Dan West and the new GM could be looking to make a bit of a splash. Still, last I heard was the Riders were going to hold onto their cash to make a run at Heenan or Jones if either/both didn't stick.