Henoc Muamba's Agent to All CFL Teams: Make an Offer

by Tuesday. This according to Gary Lawless.

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I won't be surprised if he signs with the Rough Riders; Winnipeg could also be in the mix. REDBLACKS?


Sounds to me like it just comes down to which team will offer the most money.

Sounds about right to me. My impression is that Henoc is not only an extremely good football player but also a very astute businessman.

Tell his agent to go eff himself! What a dyck!


He shouldn't do his job and get the best deal possible for his client?

Yeah, Johnny, I'm not sure where you're coming from on this one. He's a good player, and he wants what he's worth and more. That's his agent's job, to get him the best deal possible.

I would be floored if he did considering the Rough Riders folded in 1996.

He will probably sign with Hamilton or Toronto as he is from Ontario and will probably want to player for a winner.

Unless of course Winnipeg over spends to get him like they did for Bryant. Then he will be playing for the money just like Bryant. No all star effort this year!

Player do not want any part of the Bombers losing record, 25 years and counting!

Lawless said on Monday that Muamba has a workout with the New York Giants set for Tuesday.

Not sure why he would sign with Hamilton. Yes he's from the region and Hamilton is a winning team that looks as close to a lock to be in the Grey Cup game as there is. But where does he fit? Between Rico Murray, Taylor Reed, and Simioni Lawrence, who do you sit to fit him into your starting group? Word is he's looking for around $200k/yr prorated for the balance of the season, you're not going to sign him just to play specials and be a backup. Them, Edmonton, and Calgary are three teams I think would have lukewarm interest based on their roster and the money likely involved.

Argos might fit into the interested group but I think they are happy with Greg Jones at MLB, unless they can move him over. I wouldn't be surprised to hear BC jump into the fray. They have some money to spend with the long term injury to Elimimian and they haven't been the same on D since he went down. I could easily see them give Muamba a short deal with higher money value. Riders and maybe the Redblacks in the mix also.

Ottawa is the most likely fit in the East when you factor Canadian Content and $$$ availability. Muamba's agent is not easy to deal with. I don't think that many GM"s will be interesting in doing a Salsa with him.

Rod Pedersen says Riders are out. Too expensive & no cap room. One down. Eight more left.

Je ne crois pas que les Alouettes vont tenter de mettre le grappin sur Muamba. Ils ont Elsworth qui fait du bon travail en remplacement de Woods, et il coûte probablement moins que le quart du salaire commandé par Muamba. Je crois plutôt que les Alouettes vont se garder ces sous pour donner des bonis de signature dans le prochain entre-saisons.

If you look around the league Ottawa and Winnipeg are the best fit, financially and personnel wise IMO.

Bomber's offer supposedly was not the best which I suspect is an important factor.

Reggie Barnes has agreed to defer some salary so they can fit him in under the cap

Kirk Penton says Bombers are out. He thinks Hamilton & Edmonton are favorites, but there could be as many as 4 teams left.

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Muamba is taking so long to make his decision that he's pretty much a non factor for this season now.

Tease of a Headline. Could Another team Jump in on Muamba?

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