Henoc Muamba

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Henoc Muamba on way to Hamilton today for a visit with @Ticats supposed to be a visit but can't believe they won't try to get him inked #cfl

The Ticats don't need LB's at all though, so it's odd that they have any interest.

Must be because he's a Canadian, so if signed he could replace Harris. No way they replace Reed or Lawrence as starters.

Maybe. But he would certainly “push” Reed (not Austin push, but motivational push. :wink: ) Plus a Canadian in the middle of the D means an international somewhere else.

IMO there is no way that you get rid of or replace Harris. The guy is a beast and can play multiple positions. I do agree though that the last thing the team needs right now is linebackers. Also agree not to sure why or if there is any actual interest in signing Muamba. Looking across the league at other teams and situations I would be more inclined to see a better fit for him in perhaps BC or Winnipeg.

It seems that they are still trying to get Plesius up to starting grade, because he's had non-garbage time on D this year.

But hey... two potential starting Canadian MLB doesn't hurt if there is room for both.

Plesius is a ST ace though; is Muamba?

8) It was mentioned in the media last week that Muamba would be visiting every CFL team to see what kind of real
interest   they had in signing him.  I would imagine that he will sign with the team that offers him the most money !

   Can't blame him for trying to get the best deal for himself, and at least he is giving each team a fair shot at him !!

   At least he is not automatically returning to his old team, the Bombers.  Can you blame him for that  <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

Muamba is visiting looking for offers!
I would expect it to take Getzlaf type money. 3yrs @ $200K+ per

I like all of our current LB's, but if the Ticats invited Muamba to Hamilton to "tour the facilities" today, they definitely want to sign him. Why else would they invite him here?

Perhaps they are looking at Muamba playing special teams the rest of this year, and replacing Lawrence, Reed, or Harris as a starting LB next year, due to one of those three becoming an impending free agent? Anyone have info on their contract status?

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I think if #Ticats sign Muamba, it’s with an eye towards next year. A number of key Canadians due to hit free agency.

Eric is also good enough to play anywhere other than LB

I agree.

A visit does not a signature mean but, nevertheless, I am surprised that the Tiger Cats are interested; yes, there are always needs for a good player,particularly a Canadian/National, but the Tiger Cats don't need a Nat. LB. If they visit with him, there has to be an interest. While the number of $200. thousands has been mentioned, I doubt that any team will pay him that kind of money. To me, more in line around $150,000 and not more.

When Muamba was released by the Colts, I felt that the teams that could sign him were : Saskatchewan,Winnipeg and possibly Ottawa. Presently, I would be less surprised if he was to sign with Toronto. Hamilton is a possibility but it will be a surprise to me.


Please send him down the road our way as we desperately need backs since our coverage is horrid.

Oh Yea! Like Muamba will really want to come onto Casey Creehan's Defense! :roll:

He would be replacing Reed. Reed is also a free agent after this season (as is Harris, I believe) and both he and Muamba play in the middle. And as good as Reed has been, if you get a chance to get a proven starting Canadian at any position, you make a play. Reed plays specials, too. He could still have a spot on the team, but he wouldn't be the team's starting middle linebacker.

As much as I'm very pro Canadians in the CFL... when it comes to Stephen I get worried. With good reason also. He has been either beat outright, or not even near his guy on several occasions. We saw a couple last night.

He's obviously "good enough" like Obie used to say, but I'm wondering if he really is. He has the speed, but not the know how sometimes. Lets hope he finishes the year strong.

My point... if he continues to struggle, and they sign Muamba; then they could start him and put an American on both corners if needed when it really starts to count late in the season.

Hahaha.....you're wondering if Stephen is "good enough" to be a starting corner?? Hahaha!! Thanks for the laugh. :lol:

Reed was re-signed in the off-season and Simoni before last season. Harris is probably going to be a free agent but as mentioned, is a versatile player. I suspect that Plesius too will be a free agent. If Muamba i visiting all CFL teams it is interesting that Hamilton would be the team that gets the press about his visit. Guess we'll see in a few days how this all works out.

Stephen wasn't the only D player who struggled last night - the whole team was fatigued!

The report I read said that his agent was calling all the teams - not that Muamba was visiting all the teams. A visit is serious.

I wonder if it's considered to be bad form to try to get new commitments at this time of year from players who are approaching free agency? If someone is looking to test the waters it may be in the best interests of the team to find a replacement whenever available.

My only fear with that approach would be the potential to disrupt a team that is on such a great run.

Also, if we're going to go for a big ticket free agent, there are offensive linemen available. Until we are consistently opening holes for RBs I think there is still room for improvement there. And Bomben will be a free agent in the off-season.