Henoc Muamba signs with the Riders

Jones said that the Riders are in serious negotiation and Muamba is on the way to Saskatchewan.

[url=http://3downnation.com/2016/10/04/henoc-muamba-signs-riders/]http://3downnation.com/2016/10/04/henoc ... ns-riders/[/url]
Canadian linebacker Henoc Muamba has agreed to sign with the Saskatchewan Roughriders, per sources.

The 27-year-old is in Regina and he’s been a free agent since being released after agreeing to an injury settlement with the Dallas Cowboys at the end of August.

Muamba’s 2015 saw the Indianapolis Colts release him at the end of training camp. Then he signed a big-money deal, by CFL standards, with the Als where he played the last four games of the season, recording 14 tackles and one interception.

Then Montreal released him on Feb. 15 this year as a salary cap savings measure because he had a sizeable bonus due the next day.

Winnipeg selected the ratio-breaking Canuck linebacker No. 1 overall in the 2011 CFL Draft. Muamba played mostly special teams in 2011 before becoming a starter on defence, making 65 tackles with three sacks, in 2012. The following season saw Muamba really breakout when he registered 106 tackles, one sack, one interception, one fumble recovery and a defensive touchdown. That production made him a CFL All-Star in 2013.

After standing out up north, NFL teams took interest and Muamba signed with Indianapolis in 2014. He played 13 games for the Colts making six tackles and was a major contributor on special teams.

The 6-foot, 245-pound tackler is considered one of the best national linebackers in the CFL and gives the Riders a legitimate ratio breaker at the position while also providing them with an instant special teams upgrade.

hope Henoc Muamba signs for next year as well unlike Jeff Fuller who only signed until the end of this year.

copied from the leader post
Newly signed international receiver Jeff Fuller may not be with the Riders for a long time.
Fuller, whose signing was announced Saturday, said Monday that the deal with the Riders is only for the remaining five games of the 2016 regular season.
“It was something that my agent worked out,’’ said Fuller, who was released by the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks in May after spending three seasons with the Calgary Stampeders. “It gives me some wiggle room and the ball is in my court (at the end of the season) instead of someone else’s.’’

[i]Ha Ha!

So Corky Jones is gonna pay this overrated stiff 200k or more per season! The Riders are gonna suck even more...[/i]


WTF?? Why would Johnny say something like that ? :wink:

Be nice Johnny. Look to Brihind as an example. :smiley:

I never , say negative things about players. :lol:

[i]OHHHH! Brian shows up with a little tongue in cheek post! :thup:

And Johnny was being nice in that message! Jones made a big mistake if he met Muamba's salary demands. [/i]

Good signing by the Riders. A ratio buster like Muamba was out of then league waaay too long.

[i]Nope! Not a ratio buster.

He is a salary cap buster![/i] :cowboy:


Could be a great signing if it includes next season and there was upfront money this season. Riders should have some space this season to pay it out now, and that would free up cap space next year while still having Henoc.

Bit of both, I'd say John!

Sorry to be OT.

Lyle you claim to be a Bomber fan, but here you are showing up with a Stamp logo.


Salary cap? What salary cap? - Rider logic. Someone is going to have one hell of a mess to clean up when Cooter Jones bolts for some Division 3 Ladies Flag Football team. ( No one in the NFL or NCAA will touch him with a ten foot pole.)

gary lawlessVerified account
some Henoc Muamba contract details with @sskroughriders - base around $150 k, bonuses could get him to north of $200 k

Start packing your bags Durant.

...holy guacamole thats a lot of lettuce...

It's not a lot for an Allstar Canadian who's only 27. Very good deal for the Riders.

Muamba signing is irrelevant to Durant re-signing with Riders.

I was never a fan of the guy when he was with the Bombers. Saw him whiff on too many open field tackles. The money would be better spent elsewhere but when you’re desperate for National talent like the Riders are, you take what you can get I guess.



Muamba = OVERRATED! :cowboy: [/i]