Henoc Muamba released by MTL

You don't find it absurd that the talent evaluator, gm and HC all agreed that this guy was good enough to be paid $150,000 for 6 games, and be bonused heavily in order to sign him only to turn him loose. THAT is talent evaluation?

Doesn't matter if its "Buyer's remorse" or poor evaluation. Either way he's wearing it.

How do you know the three individuals you mentioned aren't having heated arguments over this and other issues? Just because they're the same person doesn't preclude a disagreement, or even a fist fight. But don't expect Popp to admit it - after all, the first rule of fight club ...

Sure, and I never said otherwise. But this is not exceptional. Teams goof on talent eval all the time. In Muamba's case, the added layer was the fact that he'd been out of the CFL for a while -- NFL performance frequently doesn't translate to three-down success. Maybe they were hoping to get the pre-NFL Muamba but got a player who wasn't playing the same way. It's not a great situation, certainly, but it happens to every team at one time or another.

The fact he could not even get a sixth rounder for an All Star Canadian is proof he overpaid same as Chick and Dressler. This put's Jim in the company of Taman.

Pretty neat website nevertheless. Just goes to show that fans (especially the younger ones), are interested in these types of things (salary cap, salaries in general), and that these things can be used as a marketing tool by the league

Even the best make mistakes once in a while.

Absolutely, he's not god and he's not incompetent as Slant would have everyone believe.

But this blunder is going to leave a stain...

We'll see. Yeah it's not great to have to release him but we have talent at the position and there's a whole season of football to be played. I want to see how the roster shakes out over training camp before I form conclusions about the Muamba release.

I hope we can sign him, play him in the middle and he is an impact player for several years.
Not to mention the ratio breaker.

Il pouvait le valoir alors que les Alouettes, aussi étrange que ça puisse paraître, se battaient pour une place en éliminatoires. Maintenant, on ne peut pas dire que Muamba a performé à ce point avec les Alouettes pour justifier son salaire avec le talent que les Alouettes ont déjà à cette position. Si les Alouettes ont besoin de libérer des salaires pour se donner de la marge de manœuvre, ce sont les aléas du métier et ça n'a probablement rien à voir avec le jugement de Popp. Voir les choses en disant que Popp a commis une erreur de jugement est facile maintenant parce que c'est une situation où on ne peut pas se tromper : si Muamba performe, on va dire que Popp a manqué de jugement en le libérant et s'il ne performe pas, on va dire qu'il a manqué de jugement en l'embauchant. Pas besoin d'être un génie pour avoir l'air brillant là-dedans. Pour les critiques du jugement de Popp, je m'en remets plutôt au moment où il a embauché Muamba. Je n'ai pas lu beaucoup de gens affirmer qu'il avait fait une bêtise. Tout comme Popp, c'est à l'usage qu'ils ont évalué cette situation. Et c'est probablement le haut salarié des joueurs que Popp pouvait le plus facilement remplacer.

Pour ma part, je dirai plutôt que ce sera le jeu de ceux qui prendront la position de Muamba qui déterminera si Popp n'aurait pas plutôt dû le garder.

Ce site devrait changer de nom pour looniecrap.com … 100 000$ à Chris Ackie. Ouf! :roll:

But that's not abnormal in this league. Trades of expensive players are rare, because nobody wants to trade a NI unless they absolutely have to. If they have to, everyone knows they have to, and thus won't offer up anything of value, knowing he's going to be released instead.

It's just how the league is, as compared to the NHL, where Phaneuf and his boat anchor of a contract can still get traded.

It's not that big a deal, though. Yes, they paid a lot last year, thinking they'd get the guy who left and could help them in a playoff run.

It didn't work out, so they dumped him. In terms of this year's salary cap, it costs them $0. That's hardly a catastrophic failure. It's less of an error, and more of a gamble that didn't pay off. You never know with NFL guys coming back just how they're going to perform.

The absurd thing about is how the teams are crying about 1 year contracts being bad for the league while doing stuff like this at the same time. The inherent hypocrisy is incredible.

WTF is Jim Flopp doing?

Surely he could have found a contract or three to cut that didn't involve his best NI. So that makes Bourke and now Muamba gone - - surest way to become a bottom feeder is to get rid of your best Canadians.

:thup: :thup:

Its a big deal to me when your team is on a five year slide, hasn’t made the post season and is down two non import starters with a promise of more cuts to come.

Even with the expanded NFL rosters, there's absolutely ZERO chance that Elimimian gets another shot in the NFL. None whatsoever.

Teams do not bring in 30yr old undersized MLBs to develop - - especially when he's already been through the league twice already.

I love Elimimian's game, but let's be realistic about things.

See according to Jim, this is just the beginning, more cuts to come.

No QB and no Canadian talent - - there's no surer way to guarantee failure in the CFL than that.

It's laughable to hear the resident Alouette Apologists trying to spin this one as no big deal.

Strange how there was no criticism from Montreal Fan last year when Muamba signed. And no criticism of his play last year either.

But now suddenly he wasn't cutting it and had a bad contract.