Henoc Muamba released by MTL

gary lawless ?@garylawless 8m8 minutes ago
can confirm @MTLAlouettes have released national LB Henoc Muamba and he is now a free agent @cfl

Good read here on it

[url=http://montrealgazette.com/sports/football/cfl/montreal-alouettes/alouettes-lb-henoc-muamba-could-wind-up-as-cfl-salary-cap-casualty]http://montrealgazette.com/sports/footb ... p-casualty[/url]

Hey, I called it! :thup:

Trades like this are very hard to pull off in the CFL, because everyone knows you will release the guy to avoid making the payment.

Didn't they just sign Muamba last fall? Didn't even play a season and they're already releasing him due to terms they just agreed to?

Another day in the farcical world that is CFL "contracts".


Here's your bonus Henoc :roll: if you need a loan I'm sure Duron Carter can lend you a few bucks !!!!

He was paid a GOOD chunk of his money upfront when he signed last season. The coaches obviously didn't like what they saw from him as an Al, so they made the decision to cut him loose. Have no problem with the decision and he is not being ill-treated here.

......Well this is a big swing and a miss by Popp...Couldn't sucker any one in a trade so had to bite it...Is he getting advice from Brendan Taman :lol: ...Rumour is Henoc wants only a one year deal and wants to play along side Cauchy is Edm....One year deal or nothing???Who the hell is this guys agent anyway :thdn:

I don't get the rumours of Edmonton's interest in Muamba. They just re-signed Sherrit so what the heck they'd need another MLB is a mystery to me.

Didier Orméjuste ?@DidierRDS 1h1 hour ago
At the end of the day, the Alouettes paid Muamba 150k last season for only six games. #CFL

Pretty good pay for 6 weeks work! $25K a week

Don’t feel too sorry for Muamba, he is a free agent again and will garner a lot of interest

EVERYONE who isn’t a coach wants a one year deal now, because long term deals suck for CFL players.

Can’t blame a guy for doing what’s in his own best interest when the teams are all doing the same thing.

Exactly! Thank you for posting that tweet. I knew he’d been paid handsomely for 6 games of work but I didn’t know the exact number.

They could always cut Sherrit before the ink is dry on his signing bonus? Muamba’s contract was apparently for $295,000, what was Popp thinking? I know GM’s often overpay for NFL returnees but that’s a bit ridiculous.

Speaking of overpaid LB’s, the Lions might be interested in Muamba as they may lose Eliminian next year after he re-negotiated his $230k contract so he can try the NFL again in 2017…with Buono perhaps making the move sooner rather than later. Why would you want a guy who want’s to play for some other team?

235k (the 60k was part of his 2016 salary) which for 2016 is right inline with what All Star Canadian Ted Laurent is making 240k.

That’s what was reported but according to this CFL salary cap website, Muamba’s $55k roster bonus was in addition to his $235k salary.

[url=http://www.looniecap.com/2015/04/cfl-salary-cap-tracker.html]http://www.looniecap.com/2015/04/cfl-sa ... acker.html[/url]

"Muamba is scheduled to earn $230,000 in 2016 and he’s owed another $23,000 bonus in April. If he passes his physical at training camp, he is due another $23,000. That’s a total of $106,000 alone in bonus payments"

The owner of that site admitted to me that he has absolutely no inside knowledge and that most of his data is approximated, taken from twitter and is a work in progress.

I assure you these are payments are not in addition to his salary.

…Yes, it does seem odd MJ…but that’s the latest utterings by the press…In any case this sure doesn’t look good on Popp…Might be a tiny red flag going up in the Wettenhal balliwick…Is Popp the gm trying to duplicate the record of Popp the head coach???Some bad general managing right there. :roll:

Cat's get a 5th rounder for O'Neil and Montreal has to cut Muamba.
The CFL is a Wacky league :lol:

I am surprised there is not more people laughing at Popp & the Als for this whole debacle. Frankly, they (especially Popp) deserve it. This is worse than Chad Johnson and even Michael Sam.

100% agree. Just another in a long list of major blunders by this guy. Teflon. Just goes on and on. Quite unbelievable incompetence bordering on sheer lunacy. At least the HC is not complaining there.

Sure, because the Alouettes are the first CFL team in history to release a player the year after signing him. :roll: :roll:

I don’t understand the basis for this (gross over)reaction to Muamba being released. He was paid $150k last year to play in 6 games. Clearly the coaches didn’t like what they saw from him relative to his hefty salary, or else they would have kept him and released Bear Woods. So they cut him loose before paying the bonus, giving him a chance to catch on with either another CFL team or an NFL squad (I am positive he won’t be unemployed for long). The CFL’s cap world is weird but the Als are just trying to exist within it like everyone else.

What is the issue?