Henoc Muamba on the trading block

According to Herb Zurkowski, Montreal is looking to move NI MLB Henoc Muamba.

This would be an excellent pick up for any team looking to improve their NI situation. After losing Greg Jones in FA, he'd be a tremendous add for Toronto.

What would it take to get him from Montreal? Obviously they're looking to free up some cap room, so it wouldn't be a high priced player.

I'd trade a 1st round pick for Muamba in a heartbeat. Even if it meant including an Import off the roster to get the deal done, it'd still be a great trade.

They should release Bear Wood instead, the man is older can't stay healthy. To sign Jovon Johnson and have to walk away from Henoc the next day makes me want to puke.

Agree 100%.

It defies logic to go with an Import over a Canadian - - ESPECIALLY when in this case the Canadian is a better player than the Import.

Sounds like he may have a roster bonus coming up early next week so if there are no takers in trade it's possible they release him.

Doubt they do that. Might as well pay the 60k and increase his value. At some point not every team is going to think they have the GC already won. Even during the draft as some teams plans get foiled he will be in more demand. This is probably the worst time to be trying to move an "A" lister.

Personally until something happens I'm going to hope Popp comes to his senses.

That's correct. I'm hearing it's $50k next week.

Jim Flopp should be fired immediately if he releases Muamba. You can’t release your best Canadian who’s in the prime of his career and get nothing for it.

At the very worst, Montreal should easily get at least a mid round draft pick if Popp comes to the conclusion that he absolutely has to free up Muamba’s salary.

Bonus is $60,000 on February 16,2016 and a further $23,000 when he reports to training camp. His 2016 base salary is roughly $90,000 but he could earn $225,000 in 2016 with incentives.


Thanks for confirming.

Those numbers are totally within reason of what you’d expect to pay for a 26yr old impact NI.

Makes ZERO sense for Montreal to get rid of him - - unless there’s something else going on besides just the salary.

He overspent... All there is to it and if you break it down from before the draft there is even more questions ? What was he planning to do with Martin if he ha signed Ted ? Trade his rights ? 0r Harris, what would he have done with KG who most of his salary is already paid from last year. Release him ??? How do KG and Muamba feel about their team now...

Its a mess.

Dude, life is worth living! :slight_smile:

Can't understand how anyone could consider Muamba's contract to be overspending. That's the going rate for a young impact Canadian who's entering the prime of his career.

Based on the numbers outlined above, Muamba will be getting $175k this year with the chance to earn $225k if he hits his bonuses - - and if he hits the bonus numbers, you'd have to think it means he had a good season.

To give some perspective, Shea Emry was somehow getting $185k for the past two seasons. Would you pay $40k more for Muamba? I sure as hell would. Look at what some of these Import receivers are getting - - the RedBags threw $250k at Dressler...Mo Price and Nick Moore getting $180k, and they're not even close to being impact players.

Even if it means giving up a 1st round pick, it'd be a great trade for any team adding him.

Overspent as a whole, not specific to Henoc... I agree, he's paid what he's worth.

We're definitely in agreement on that.

So if Jim Flopp is looking to clear cap room, why would he start by getting rid of his best NI? Letting Bourke leave for Toronto freed up close to $250k - - what's the guy doing with that cap space? Don't tell me Jovo Johnson got anything more than $120k.

Biggest problem with giving up a high draft pick is that he only has this season left on his contract. I would have a pretty hard time giving up a #1 pick unless there were conditions of renegotiation in that to extend. That would pretty much mean letting a team talk to him a bit in advance.

Well at least 150 went to Martin possibly more, 92k went to JJ and it appears we just added Kevin Regimbald. If the Als want to clear some money there is Hebert, Woods, Townsend, Crompton even have to wonder if Nick Lewis makes sense with Carter and Stafford added. Take your pick really.

Muamba is super expensive at 250k per and with him only locked up for a year I don't see a lot of teams wanting to pay him that kind of money.

Usually I'm always against the idea of giving away draft picks. But trading a #1 in exchange for one of the best young Canadians in the league is something I'd definitely be in favour of doing.

Let's assume a team dealing for Muamba only get one season out of him and then he leaves. You know that season is going to be at a very high level. Take a look back at the first round selections over the past six or seven years - - with the majority of these picks you don't even get one high level season out of them.

Other than MLB, the CFL draft is the most unpredictable in sports.

I agree on the part of giving up a high pick, not on the part about contract length. If you are in the top half of the first round and you pick a player who can not start you are doing horrid drafting. You are going to get 2 seasons out of that, so even if it is one of limited action you should get a second of starting. You also get 2 seasons to bring a new player along from scratch, which often goes a long ways towards extending them if done properly. A guy with a few years experience and a one year deal...not so much.

I will use the #1 pick as an example...as supposedly the Riders are talking with Montreal a bit. I have no issues giving that up IF there is a condition on it of extending to a second year. Hell, this can be prenegotiated and made a part of the trade to ensure there is no funny business. That is not too much to ask for handing over a 1st round pick...definitely not for a top 3

I'm not in favor of giving him up even for a first rounder. Als already draft at 2,11 and 20 and there are roughly six blue chippers and all of them are being scouted by the NFL. Mehdi received his NFL National Combine invitation today as well.

Does it really matter that he has one year left? Most players are signing one year anyway. Henoc is at the top of the pyramid to begin with so there is no big jump in pay he can get from moving around. If he's happy he'll stick around.