Henoc Muamba ends his free agency, signs w/ Argos

TORONTO β€” The Toronto Argonauts have signed Canadian LB Henoc Muamba.

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Of course he has,
"there are 8 other teams that have spent more than TOR so far in free agency" :rofl:

I’ve come to the conclusion that Kavis Reed is working the payroll for the Argos this season. :upside_down_face:


Since China now has the biggest navy in the world, you would have thought all the "drunken sailors" would be somewhere other than Toronto . :upside_down_face:

Pat Lynch (salary cap be damned)

Makes you wonder.

Final cut day in TO is going to be interesting. I guess you can work with the injured list too.

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Toronto and Hamilton, the sparks will fly.
They are the East, forget the rest.

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This is getting to be a joke already there is ZERO chance the Argos are under the cap with the mega signings but it would not surprise me to see the CFL turn a blind eye to the Argos payroll because they want the Argos competitive to get fans in the Argos stands but it’s a joke