Henoc Muamba deal almost done...

....According to local media a deal to re-sign Henoc is almost complete...When it's made official that'll be the first positive I've seen for next year...Keep it going Walters... :thup:

Strange move on Henoc's part to forego free agency and the leverage that comes with it, if indeed a deal gets done. Hope it doesn't mean his brother gets an invite to training camp as part of a patronage clause included in the deal. :lol:

I'm not buying it. He said on the weekend he wanted to look at free agency. Unless they just were willing to pay anything or the new coach made it a condition to taking the job and they threw money at him.

.....There's no way they let this guy slip away....IF that happens they might as well start folding this franchise up and close the door...He'll get top dollar for an ni linebacker...bet on it...When Bob Irving says he's almost officially re-signed on cjob and has said that a few times now...I tend to believe him :wink:

Compared to the importance of a new GM, HC, QB etc., this guy would be about priority #5 or #6 on my to do list.

This is a very similar situation to Labatte. You want to make sure your in contact with him till the very last minute but the decision in the end rests with the player. While his ball skills are very good. I'm not sold on his leadership skills and when you demand elite money that needs to be there.

A "deal that's almost done" but not signed is exactly what a player can use to pry some extra cash out of another club in the market for his services. It wouldn't be the first time a player has done this.

Muamba would be crazy to sign with the Bombers before he knows who the GM, HC and DC will be going forward. He would also be crazy not to try free agency. Why would he want to wait 2, or maybe 3+ years for the Bombers to build up their talent to a decent enough level that they could be Cup contenders again?

Well maybe he he would want to be part of the rebuild and be a leader on the team. Also, the turnaround can happen quite quickly.... We don't know who the GM,HC or QB will be, but we do know that Henoc is a helluva player and we should sign him ASAP.