Henoc Muamba a Colt

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Muamba joins a LB group in Indianapolis that features ex-CFL players Jerrell Freeman and Justin Hickman.

Very cool!

Grover, the scoopmeister!

It's a long shot,but maybe Muamba signing with the Colts might just be a blessing in disguise for us.Muamba might just beat Hickman out of a job down there,and if that happens who knows,maybe Hickman makes his way back here,if he isn't picked up on waivers by another team in the NFL. Like I said it's a long shot and totally hypothetical,but ya never know,stranger things have happened.

Has Hickman been converted to a Linebacker down there?


Hickman's former partner on the Cat D-Line,Garrett McIntyre also has been converted to LB by the NY Jets.

I don't think that will happen. Muambas main use right now will be as a special teams monster. Like Hickman DE in the CFL moving to LB in the NFL with DE being bigger.
Muamba starting as a MLB in the CFL most likley far to small to play MLB in the NFL. Leaving for now with out a position. Every 53 man roster, even with all of the rotation as one or two guys that the special teams coach just loves I can see Mumba being that such player.
In the meantime as he is hammering guys on Kick offs or punt returns or causing faircatches with his speed defensive coaches will be figuring out just where they can fist this great fotball player onto to the field on defense as well.