Helping the coaches pick the right starting players this week

Alex Green or John White? WHITE

McDaniel or Addison? ADDISON

Kelvin Palmer, Avery Jordan or Isame Faciane (Did you see his tackle on the INT? vicious. I looked up his bio and he is a converted DT. Looked like it on that play. Played well). PALMER

All set at LB

I feel like Frankie Williams should be in the starters mix at DB but I don’t think he will be

Which 3 starts around Ted on the D-Line
Howsare, Tracy, Whitlock, Richardson, Neil, Cappicciotti…OUCH

White and STE at RB just really needs to happen. Explosive fun to watch players. Green always runs hard but kinda always looks slow

Platoon White and Green (sounds like a cheer for the Riders ::))

STE in at slot.

Need a huge game from the D.


Looking at the title of this thread reminds me of the oldBuddy Ryansaying “If you listen to the fans, you’ll be sitting up there with them”. ::slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (the old 85 Bears fan)

Agree for the most part....however, I would love to see both Green & White in the backfield at the same time. One stays in to block, the other slips out for a screen pass. Keep BC guessing as to which it will be, then when they cheat to that play, throw it over the top to Jones or Sinkfield.

The results of the player vote won’t be made public until Jones’ Thursday media availability.


I think if we are going with two national receivers then we should go with Howsare and Tracy at DE with Whitlock at DT. I thinks Addison deserves a start and STE deserves a few runs and passes per game. I also think we should dress Green and Whte at Rb and if we only dress one it should be white. I think either Josh Johnson or Freddie Williams should start over Leonard. I think we should put in Dane Evans in here and there to mix things up ànd execute plays that he has practiced over and over all week and have him run a few times instead of masoli to keep masoli healthy…
Masoli should run a bit às well to keep them guessing.

I hope their superstar MLB Elominium is not ready to return think you are absolutely serious about this. :o :o

Can we platoon June Jones with a consultant ?

I actually asked all the “kids” in my neighbourhood who they think should be starting . I’m currently in the process of going thru the results and will forward them to June in due time .

Hurry though. June will ask for a show of hands in dressing room and will go with majority.

Sadly, no. Our "consultant" is in Tennessee and will be going to the Flea Market, again, this Sunday.

Hey June , I know you like the little guys and you also like to refer to your players as the kids…BUT this is one play that I wouldn’t recommend :o OUCH !!!