Helping Out The Victims Of Hurricane Katrina

I realize this is a forum for CFL football, but I want to encourage all CFL fans to help out those who have been devestated by Hurricane Katrina. In the US, we have bunch of Americans helping out any way possible but as an American, I know we can't do it all alone. In any way possible, please help. Perhaps, during the Labour Day Weekend games or in the next week or so, the CFL can come up with some way to help. The US & Canada have alway had each others backs when things got tough. When the US needed help from Canada, Canada has come through every time. I believe our friends & neighbors from the north can come through again.

Contact agencies like the Red Cross, Salvation Army, or any other relief organization to see how you can help. Thanks you, Canada, for what you have done & will do to help.

thank you for writing that. Just to update you.

Even though BUSH first said that " we can take care of ourselves " sending 4 of our war ships filled with supplies and to help protect your coast.

We are also sending our major disaster relief team from VANCOUVER.

Celine Dion has donated 1 million.

A benefit concert is being planned by rock stars from TORONTO.

Our banks across the country are setting up relief accounts and supply drives will be set up all over Canada.

Thank you.

I've seen all kinds of donation boxes springing up in all the malls...superstores etc....when it comes to aid Canada won't let you down worthmatt...we'll be there..

Many search and rescue teams are being sent down to help in the recovery. I may be in one of the teams going down it could be as early as Monday. My dogs are ready to go if called upon.


As usual when we ask for help...Canada comes through again!! Ever since I read what hellothere wrote, I've been watching the news ALL day and there has been nary a word regarding all this Canadian help and compassion. Just like in 1991 during the first Gulf war. When Iraq launched the first scud missle of the war, VERY few americans know that it wasn't a Patriot missle or anything american that brought it down.

It was a Canadian fighter pilot that manually shot it out of the air!! But..the american press never told us that (I saw it on the discovery channel years later.)

We always seem to ask for help when we're in trouble...but never let our own citizens know where the help came from!

I don't need to repeat the phrase "God Bless Canada" because he already has! I as an american would humbly like to say THANK YOU!.....first because I mean it....and second just in case our president does not!.

thank you so much for that… please tell your friends.

I know, it is not the Americans people’s fault.OR yours.

Today, I was watching CNN.

CNN , had a report on other countries helping the U.S…they mentioned SHIRA LANKA[sp] , ENGLAND , and AUSTRAILA …ect…and no mention of CANADA, at all.

What also really hurt Canadians was when BUSH was thanking other countries who had help after SEPT 11th [State of the Union address] , he mentioned INDIA…BRITAIN …ect…and AGAIN …NO mention of CANADA, at all. We are just up NORTH …

Then when we said NO to IRAQ…we were called all kinds of things in the media , and they almost bashed CANADA dailey on FOX NEWS.

So, if Canadians are a little whinny about this, there is a good reason.

FOX NEWS , even had that nut bar ANN COLTURE and she said " we should just crush CANADA "… I kid you not.

Most every one in CANADA can get CNN and FOX.

Trade disputes are one thing, but this is just proganda of the worst kind.

60 Minutes , even had a show about how unsafe the Canadian border was.

Allot of people still think that ALL the SEPT 11th , bombers came into from CANADA, which is not true.

So, allot of our anger has nothing to do with being ,anti American.

THANK YOU… for understanding and finding for yourself. That is always a smart thing to do , even in our country.

ALWAYS Educate yourself if you live in america. The media CANNOT be trusted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you have to that that here , as well. It is always a good personal policy.

I’ve taught media courses before - you shouldn’t believe most of what TV tells you. The biases are huge, even though most people involved in the industry will likely tell you differently. Newscasts are no different. People take the facts they want and run with them, seldom giving any recognition to the other side of the story.