Hey guys id appreciate it if someone could some how tell em the starting offence and defence from last years opening game. Please help.


Radlein, Davis, McManus in the backfield now who remembers the OL

Who cares?

comiskey hack wayne smith and then claridge

gilliam morealle yeast flick

D.. justin martin shaw goss kornegay
hitchcock auggie cox
cheatwood belli petterson cotton

i htink nwways..

Claridge (RIP) did not start for us until the Edmonton game late in the season.

Here ya go:

Woodard, Hack OT
Comiskey, Smith OG
Bakker C
Gilliam, Flick WR
Brazzell, Yeast SB
McManus QB
Radlein Fb
Davis RB

Cotton, Lawrence DE
Peterson, Belli DT
Barrenechea, Cox, Carter LB
Justin, Mathis CB
Goss, Martin DB
Shaw S

Thanks guys i was curious. I missed the beginning of the regular season because i was at work in northern Ontario where TV, newspapers and radios were a luxuray i didnt have. I only made it back in time for the labour day win so i was wondering about the starting lineup and all the past changes. Whatever happened to Mathis?

Dedric MATHIS was cut 4-5 games into the season.


And the winner is!!!

Too shake things up, much like Marshall's firing.

or it might have been that he wasn't getting results... much like Marshall's firing.