HELP !!??!!

As a TI-CAT fan and having to watch last nights joke of a game , I was wondering what you Stamp fans see that is so bad about the Cats!!!!!!!!!!!

nothing, the stamps got a lucky win, since they didnt call that late hit with under a minute left, YOU SHOULD HAVE WON IF IT WASNT FOR THE REFS,

The only thing wrong with your cats is that they tigres instead of lions :stuck_out_tongue:

Um hello? Stamps deserved that win. Did you not see the difference in stats between Maas and Burris?? But I dont think that was Maas' fault. Paopao is an idiot. He has an amazing quarterback and he never lets him throw deep.

exactly ESA, that was the problem last year with Ricky, and a bit this year Macocia wont let Ricky go deep, and paopao wont let Maas go deep, ITS A DEEP THROWING LEAGUE DUMB COACHES

I hate hearing about this blown call crap. Were you not watching when Nik Lewis was getting pulled down in the endzone before a potential touchdown? There were tons of miscalls. Coulda, woulda, shoulda, but didn't

Hey rickynotsobrightray, change your name to could shoulda woulda your crying more then some T Cat fans. They have accepted their team will get better as they play yet you an Eskimo fan crys even more every time your stongest competition wins. It looks good on you! Keep crying and keep staring at the picture of your hero Nik devil boy Lewis!

There is nothing wrong with the team. They will take time to come together three games in do not hit the panic button. Remember the QB has to get on the same page with his receivers in time they will do much better.

ray and maas arent throwing deep. they're teams are the 2 worst in the league. mmmmmm......

HELP!! you guys lookin for help before they play your next game :stuck_out_tongue: i thought i would stir the pot a lil :wink: :lol:

Hamilton will come around. That team has a lot of talent.

I like how rawnotrookieray or whatever hijacks every post to make it anti-stamps. Very classy.

Rickynotsobrightray is a butt head and he likes the attention!

No! He likes butts lol!

.......little know fact but this thread's title was inspired by what was written on the white flags held aloft by the RoughRaiders this weekend...

your team is playing exactly like they did last year.....your defence is giving up 30 points a game (worst in the league) and your QB has 1 TD & 6 INTs.....that aint gonna get it done....

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