got to find a link that works here in Southwest Florida.................otherwise I am ready to fly home to watch the Cats hand Regina a can of wupass.

Gameday is the best time to get a working link for the game

Do not fear - the Grey Cup will be live on NBC.

really??? I didn't know that American tv carried cfl. Thanks!

I believe its on NBC sports network

I'm in SWF - the game is LIve on Sunday on NBCSN, DIRECTV Channel 220

I’m in Arizona,

Sun 11/24 | 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM Live CC | 42 NBCSP. I’m glad that American tv will show the Grey Cup :rockin:

ok I checked the listings for NBC and it was there(for sw florida) however listed from 3 to 7 pm.................strange!?

No it's not on NBC but NBCSN, and if you are in SWF you will see that it's listed channel 220 from 6PM - 10PM

Ok...........finally found it. It's being broadcast on channel 61 here in Cape Coral.
Many thanx for the input.