Help Youths Attend the Tiger-Cats Home Opener !!

$10 youth tickets for the Home Opener: The Tiger-Cats kick off the regular season on Friday, June 29 versus the Saskatchewan Roughriders. What better way to simultaneously kick off summer vacation then $10 youth tickets, anywhere in the stadium? Call 905-547-2287 now to grab your discounted youth tickets. Maximum 10 tickets per account.

You are allowed to purchase 10 Youth tickets for the Home Opener for 10.00 each ticket. Maximum of 10 tickets.

I purchased 10 tickets yesterday and donated them back to the Tiger-Cats to give to youths that can not attend the game, such as Kawanis, Etc. OR just give them away to kids you know !!

I encourage Tiger-Cats Season Ticket Holders to do the same if possible. What a great way for kids to enjoy some Ticats football !!

Oskee Wee Wee !!

That's a very kind and generous thing to do, Tc23!!!

It's also a great way to create new Tiger cat and CFL fans.

Went to my first game as a kid, and have been a fan ever since....

Thanks, me too !!

Just trying to give back and do my part :slight_smile:

Must be a lot of seats available? I thought there would be a big crowd for the home opener.

There will be, Don't Worry !!

great sentiment and very commendable tc23. :thup:

see you at the game bud. :rockin:


There is still time folks. Imagine if you were a kid and you got a free ticket to go see the Ticats Game. How happy would you be :smiley:

10 bucks sends a kid to the game :thup:

Awesome move tc23!

BTW, what is the age limit for youth?

I believe its 14 years old. I will double check tomorrow and let everyone know.

Just check, its 16 years old and younger :thup: