Help with seats at BC Place

I know nothing about football but my friend is an avid fan. I want to get tickets to a Lions game at BC Place. Can anyone tell me where the best seats would be for optimal viewing pleasure. I don't care about price. Thanks for any input you may have.

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might have to wait a few hrs for good responses though as they dont post very often, but good information when they do

...having been to BCP many times I don't think you can go wrong with any seat, it is an awesome venue to watch a game....

...typically Julie a football fan will see a higher spectating value on the seat the closer it is to the middle of the field (on the '55 yard line'), and lesser spectating value if it is at the end of the field (behind the 'endzones') it's really a question of what you want to spend...

....a very good idea for a gift, I bet your friend will be so impressed he/she will probably not even care about the seat, but rather the time spent with an awesome friend....

Can't add much to R&W's comments. I've sat in corners, 30 yard line, Upper deck and they are all good. I'm very biased, but between the 10 yard line is the best. Try and stay 12 rows or higher, as it gives you a better view of things. (Especially receivers running their pass routes.) The one time I sat below row 6, I found the view somewhat obstructed by players and on-field cameramen for plays along the sideline.

One thing to keep in mind…if you’re non drinkers, try and get into the alcohol free section. The drinking sections can get a little rowdy.

But all seats are decent…my son and I usually pick up cheap (7-11) seats that are in the end zones but they’re still great. I’d suggest getting more towards mid field, but any will do.

Hope you and your friend have a great time!! (Oh, and it also gets pretty hot in there, so dress in cool clothing)

Or as Pam Anderson would say, dress in as very little clothing! :lol: :lol: :lol:

All seats on Level 2 are good.If your a Lions fan go for sections 38 to 48.The Lions bench is on that side.The vibe on that side is awesome because it is predominantly B.C. Lions fans.So you know you will be in good company.Hope you enjoy your visit to B.C. Place. :rockin: