help with profile!

hey guys im bompeder im new to the forum although i have followed it for quite a while. im 17 live in Winnipeg am a big bomber fan first then a stamp fan. sorry for wasting a thread but could someone tell me how to attach and create a signature to go along with my posts it would be greatly appreciated thanks!!!

On the left hand side of the forum page (after you are logged in) you will see a link called 'profile'. Click on that link. You'll then be able to create or update your signature.

Hit Alt + F4

alt f4 eh hmmm k il try that! :wink: im not a complete computer idiot, but i guess im close cuz i still cant figure out how to put a picture in the signature :cry:

if you can find your profile page then find the box that says signature then in that box write



doesn’t work for me, mods have you figure out why, i told you about the problem like 2-3 months ago

We talked about it with admins, but perhaps they've forgotten. I'll send them another message for you, if you wish.

it work for me :wink:

I cant change my timezone?

k thanks