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As some of you may know theres no CFL game out there so I thought i would go and design a simulation game that people could play... I am thinking of makign the game like Eastside Hockey Manager with some ideas that they have but make it football... What i am having a hard time with is what attributes to put for the players... Like should i go with the ones that they use in the Madden video games or which...

I also have some ideas to put into the game that the real CFL doesn't have some things like i know the CFL doesn't have kind of farm teams and what not but i thought it would be a kewl idea that if like u brought in a player into camp but wanted to keep him but it was hard to cut him well then u would send him down to your farm team type thing... I know thats not really realistic but i just thought it would be kewl to have a game like that kind of thing....

But my main problem is the attributes thing as i donno which attributes to use and i thought maybe some of you cfl fans might be able to help me... Thanks

Well you know, many many years ago, there was a CFL board game. I used to own it.

This was back in the late 70s or early 80s. You might be able to find out who produced it and track one down.

Fun game! I remember playing a friend of mine and it was the All Stars vs the Eskimos. He stomped me =D

haha, Board game?

Re- board game- i picked up a cfl game at a yard sale, in early 80,s- this game was made in the 1960,s or maybe even in the 50,s. i recall the blue bombers were the featured team, and it may have been made in Winnipeg, any one from the peg recall this game?? it worked like wheel of fortune with a yardage spinner. etc.

Could be something here ?

[url=] ... dZViewItem[/url]

Ticatfan00 - what are you writing this in (lang)? and for what platform?


The game was pretty cool, and a lot slicker than the one on eBay. It was in a red box IIRC.

It was pretty hard to play. You had to understand formations for both offence and defence and use them at the right time. It was really a great way to learn the game.

I'll see if I can find one somewhere.