Help with cfl phone app

Not sure if this is the right place to ask but here goes. I had a CFL (to the official CFL site) app on my phone (android). It kept crashing and failing to load. I deleted it with the intent of re-installing it. I cannot now find the app in the google play store.
Is there still a phone app for the site and if so what is it called and where can I find it?
Thanks for any help and or suggestions for other apps.

Try searching in the Google Play Store again.

I have a Chromebook, and when I searched “CFL” just now, the official app showed at the top.

Now if this does not work for some reason on your device, try searching for the app on another device.

I can’t provide an explanation, but as the app does show up on other devices but not yours, then it could be an unknown issue with your device.

I just used my web browser to get to the log on page then just added that page to home screen .
If you keep having issues try clearing your web browser cache


This is the top search result that I get. Is this the official app.
BTW, thanks Paolo_X and Rider01.1

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That’s the one I saw and it does show “official CFL” on one view.