Help win $100,000 for Hamilton breakfast programs

I hope the mods allow an exception to their rules to allow me to post a link for the Hamilton Bulldogs Foundation's participation in a Pepsi program that will award $100,000 to the program with the most votes. Please vote for their effort to get $100,000 to fund a Dog's Breakfast which is an effort to provide a healthy breakfast to students in 4 schools with a high percentage of poor. Vote today and every day please

[url=] ... st&h=7a914[/url]



The following link takes you directly to the project idea page,

[url=] ... sbreakfast[/url]

The project seems to be rising in the rankings.

keep voting Hamilton, we're movin on up the list


As a side note, looking at the current top choices, I suspect PETA is having it's members influence the choices.

28th today. Movin' up still. Keep voting.



Voted yet again - Anyone going to the Bulldogs game tomorrow?


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