Help watching the Ticat game in Las Vegas

I was mistakenly told that the East semi final was against the Las Vegas Posse and ended up booking the flight last week, and don't have cancellation insurance. :oops:

So, now i'm stuck in Vegas that week ( I arrive at 10:30am Vegas time, leaving from Buffalo at 7am) so does anyone recommend a bar that will let me watch the game?

Something near the strip ( New York, New York perhaps)

Any help from someone would be great, don't want to miss the game..


If you have internet access, watch it on

Check out the schedule here:

[url=] ... 1-10:00-AM[/url]

Thanks, I will have my tablet with me... as a last resort though...

The 2011 CFL Playoffs and 99th Grey Cup will not be broadcast on television in the United States.
[url=] ... t-schedule[/url]

Thanks Captain, tablet it is I suppose!


This has to be satire.

I have internet access but can't get espn3 - it's only available with certain carriers. Where I live in Florida I have Century Link which is one of the biggest internet/phone companies and they don't carry ESPN3, but Virzon another one in the area does carry it.
I will have to watch it on time-delay after it's over when TSN adds it to their video library

What about going to an internet cafe? I've done that a couple of times while in the states.

So ESPN3 is not an internet only channel? A bar could put that on the TV?

Failing that I figured on finding a Cafe or restaurant that has free wifi for me to stream it.

Would prefer a bar though... The place I am staying used to have an ESPN Zone but apparently they all shut down last year..

Anyone else have any thoughts?

ESPN3 is a website.

Yes, but only IF the internet cafe provider carries ESPN3 - my internet provider does not carry ESPN3. So if the internet provider in the cafe is say Century Link, you won't get it.
I have been watching games on the internet on one of the "illegal" sites that we are not supposed to name and they often get shut down.......... (JustinTV)

you thought Las Vegas had a CFL team? sucks haha, so u know for future reference..only 8 teams..all canadian :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice try pal, you've got to be kidding!! Shame on you people who believe this guy!! Your not only embarrassing this Ticats board index, your embarrassing yourself!! Get a new hobby

Obviously nobody thinks I believe there is a team in Vegas... It was late and apparently I thought I was being clever and witty (this isn't limited to late night unfortunatley :expressionless: ).

I had a vacation booked a long time ago, and the vote for the group said these were the dates. I was just hoping to catch the game while I was down there, but learned the ESPN Zone restaurant at the resort we are staying at shut down last year due to the recession.

Now I might be limited to my hotel room i guess.

Thanks guys!

I think you are embarassing the Ticats forum and yourself, we all know the guy was joking. Why is it when someone posts something tongue-in-cheek on this site it seems to go right over peoples head. Have we all lost our sense of humour?
By the way do we still have a team in Baltimore?

.........that was a joke Moonbase........lighten up

Ok, it was a joke.... but it wasnt that obvious! You should know just as well as i know that are some that play the idiot for whatever reasons. I was just trying to nip it before it got out of hand, thats all. But i will bet the farm the mikem thought it was no joke!! lol Nice try
Sorry brad2332, just tryin to protect. Cheers

I will PM you some site

I was in Vegas for the Cats/Als game last month - your biggest issue will be looking for a bar that will put it on DESPITE all of the 10am/1pm NFL games on.
Likely wont happen.

I’m picking San Antonio in the Western Semi.

Forget the game, enjoy Las Vegas. If the Cats win you can watch it when you get home. If they lose, no need to upset yourself watching it. Neither of these teams show up on a consistent basis.