Help Wanted

We need help at receiver. Milt is the only guy getting it done. Peterson, McGarity and Stokes cant hang onto the ball, Sutherland is still learning and they wont play Stoddard. We need to go after a big name receiver, who would you try to get. BTW did you see Petersen haul in the long bomb, christ he runs like hes got a piano tied to his ass, I thought he was fast, but not only cant he catch, he cant run either.

hmm... why not play Stoddard?
And we could've given the Als a better deal with Cavil. They should've sent him to the Bombers. Not a contender like Edmonton.

Christ Id even try to get Rison from TO at this point.

agreed - we need another elite receiver. Our guys ain't cutting it and Stegall will only last so long .... then what do we do!

stoddard can get it done. it constantly gets overlooked but he is a decent receiver. not the best i agree but he catches the ball and can be a game breaker. esp against sask for somereason. stokes"i can fumble on any given play" and the mcgarity/peterson"we need velcro mits" are not the answer. and everyone keeps saying how fast sutherland is. i haven't seen it. looks more like a fullback to me the way he runs. still not a fan of our offensive scheme. why noot spread the d out with more long passes. alwasys seems to work for us when we do it but we consistly throw two yards down the field and try and run for the yards which is not working well. stegall is playing wel though. has anyone noticed he looks frustrated after almost every play.. the guy hates losing. i think we should clone that man.

i agree stoddard should be on more, he gets the job done, catches the ball when it is thrown to him.. but i thought i would just say that peterson didnt do to bad yesterday.

cry me a river milk man, all i hear from you are sour grapes, BOOO WHOO WHOO

fine say what you want…
The fact is we need another reciever or maybe two if the others don’t pick up their play. Stoddard is solid reciever and won’t drop as many ball as Peterson. I still think Peterson can end up being a good reciever but he just needs to shake off whatever’s turned his hands into cement blocks. Steegal will only be around for 2 or 3 more seasons max. The man’s getting older and can’t play forever. The Bombers need to focus on trading for a reciever. The trade with the Als for Offensive lineman was alright but now they’ve got to get their priorities straight.

Trust me, you don't want rison, he's a self centered idot who's onlly in the CFL beacuse he wants to get back to the NFL

TRY AS I MIGHT....I just can't see keeping McGARITY....what a bust....that key fumble finished him off for this fan.....he can take Pederson with him when he goes....just brutal.....wake up Bombers these guys are not playing CFL. calibre football......I also have to question the play of Glenn....I never have picked him as the starter and have said so in many posts...once he crossed a certain threshold as the' main man' and couldn't cut it I say pull him and put in the future for this team,cuz he's sitting on the bench....Michna..he may as well start getting his rep's but only after we pick-up somebody he can throw to....Wynn should play the next game as well...might as well try all the talent and gave a No. 1 draft pick for... we are officially now playing for a decent team in 06..... :frowning:

I do not want to say I told you so about both Mcgarity and Peterson. But when you guys got them I stated these guys are a down grade in the positions they hold. Mcgarity the quiter and Peterson the no hands man.

You called it RW2005, I hope the bombers go with Stoddard and Colon, not likely, against the stamps.

i would like to see is chad rempel could look decent in this league. i suspect he is not ready for the cfl yet but it would be interesting to see him in a few plays.

seems like the Bombers have come to the realization that Mr. McGarity wasn't the answer ...and was cut by the team today.....BROUGHT IN....Darnell McDonald,,,for a look....maybe he can at least hang on to the ball and any change for McGarity looks like a good if Kamau dosen;t perform against Cal. I suspect he'll be the next one to get the pink slip.... :arrow:

and don't forget..Daley says "he like stoddard at slotback"...finally he'll get some playing time.......hope he lives up to the hype...

Looks like McDonald answered the add. If this guy can get back the form he had with the stamps in 03, on the field that is, he is going to be a very pleasant surprise.Stegal, McDonald, Stoddard, Sutherland, its starting to look like we may have four receivers who can actually catch.

It's about time Peterson was dropped from the Starting lineup this:

should be our starting recieving corps.

I dont really know why I felt that quote was needed.

Milt and Stoddard in the slots, with Vinny and Stokes at WR, I can almost get excited about that formation. Sure hands inside and blazing speed out.

people are making it sound like if we dont put stoddard out on the field we will lose every game. Jamie Stoddard is good and he does make good catches but still we can win without him

Didn't say we couldn't. Just saying we should try him out to see how he develops. He could turn out to be a big part of our offence.