Extreme Sports cards Inc is currently in the process of producing the 2007 CFL Sports cards and we are looking to know your best 12 players from each team for our final selection. Note that we would appreciate at least 2 Rookies per Team.

The collection will also include Canadian Pride Cards, so you can also list your best Canadian Players. A maximum of 5 players per hometown province.

The collection should be issue in mid august.

Collection should be:
100 regular cards
30 Canadian Pride
10 Record Tracker
10 Top Prospect

You have until July 22 to submit your selections

Extreme Sports cards Inc


Also why limit which players will have a card issued? Why not make cards for the entire CFL roster?


Who really wants a card of Joe Blow? :stuck_out_tongue:

Montreal's Top Twelve:

1 - Ben Cahoon (Canadian Pride? Record Tracker?)
2 - Anthony Calvillo (Record Tracker?)
3 - Scott Flory (Canadian Pride?)
4 - Anwar Stewart
5 - Timothy Strickland
6 - Étienne Boulay (Canadian Pride?)
7 - Chip Cox
8 - Davis Sanchez
9 - Kai Ellis
10 - Damon Duval
11 - Kerry Watkins
12 - Tossup between Brian Chiu / Robert Edwards / Steve Charbonneau

Top Prospects :
1 - Randy Drew
2 - Diamond Ferri
3 - Jeff Perrett
4 - Eric Deslauriers
5 - Bruce Perry
6 - Danny Desriveaux
7 - Jarrett Payton

Toronto's Top 12:

1 - Damon Allen (maybe Record Tracker, but he's since surpassed it)
2 - Arland Bruce III
3 - Kevin Eiben or Mike O'Shea (Canadian Pride?)
4 - Byron Parker
5 - Noel Prefontaine (Canadian Pride?)
6 - Orlondo Steinhauer
7 - Jude St. John (Canadian Pride?)
8 - Bashir Levingston
9 - Jonathan Brown
10 - Michael Bishop
11 - Tony Miles
12 - Michael Fletcher

Top Prospects:

1 - Andrew Durie
2 - Bryan Ramsey
3 - Obed Cétoute

Edmonton Eskimos

1 - Ricky Ray
2 - Jason Tucker
3 - Dan Comiskey (Canadian)
4 - Kevin Lefsrud (Canadian)
5 - Adam Braidwood (Canadian)
6 - AJ Gass
7 - Ray Perryman (Rookie)
8 - Sideeq Shabbazz (Rookie)
9 - Tyler Ebell (Rookie)
10 - Omar Morgan
11 - Stanford Samuels
12 - JR Larose (Canadian)


1 - Warren Kean (Canadian)
2 - Stefan LeFors
3 - Stephen Jyles
4 - Kenny Hollis

Just off the top of my head, there may be more worthy candidates as the season progresses.

Hamilton's Top 12 players

  1. Jason Maas
    2 Corrie Holmes
  2. Timmy Chang(rookie)
  3. Jesse Lumsden
  4. JoJouan Armour
  5. Zeke Moreno(rookie)
    7.Talman Gardner
  6. Brock Ralph (Canadian)
  7. Chris Bauman (rookie)
  8. Sandy Beveridge (canadian)
  9. Nick Setta
  10. JoJo Walker (rookie)

Jesse Lumsden(Canadian) my bad

I happened to see my comic/card shopkeeper today. He's been in business for about 18+ years. I asked him if he was going to carry the cards and he said 'probably not'. That there just wasn't enough interest in CFL merchandise. I was also over at a National Sports outlet looking for some CFL swag and they had absolutely nothing.

Why is it that people enjoy watching the games on television but seem to refuse to buy any jerseys or caps etc etc?

My shopkeep also mentioned the CFL's lack of stars as a problem for selling trading cards. I hope Cohon can follow through and create some CFL media stars.

awww crud... late..

ohwell WBB:
1.Doug Brown(NI)(DL)(Lives in WPG)
2.Obby Khan(NI)(OL)(Lives in WPG)
3.Milt Stegall(I)(SB) Record tracker
4.Kevin Glenn(I)(QB)
5.Charlie Roberts(I)(RB)(Lives in WPG) Record Tracker
6.Matt Sheridan(NI)(OL)(Hometown boy)(Lives in WPG)
7.Tom Canada(I)(DE)
8.Gavin Walls(I)(DE)
9.Barrin Simpson(I)(MLB)
10.Kyries Hebert(I)(S)
11.Kelly Malveaux(I)(HB)
12.Derek Armstrong(I)(WR)

Top Prospects:
1.Brian Guebert(DE/TE/FB/K)(NI)
2.Corey Jenkins(OLB)(I)
3.Dominique Picard(C)(NI)
4.Chijioke Onyenegecha(DB)(I)

Canadian Pride:
1.Jamie Stoddard(WR/FG holder)(NI)
2.Jon Oohsterhuis(DL/OL/TE/FB)(NI)
3.Arjei Franklin(SB/KR/PR)(NI) - 2006 Team Oustanding Rookie
4.Ian Logan(DB)(NI)
5.Neil McKinlay(LB)(NI)
Total: 19 players, 10 NI's(Canadians)

For WBB:
12+ Reg Cards
4+ Canadians
2 Record Chasers(Milt/Charlie)
2+ Prospects

Why are the divisions not equal?
96 pr 104 reg cards(12 or 13 per team)
36 Canadian content(4 per team)
16 Record Chasers(2 per team, could be modified if a team like Ham has no record chasers)
16 prospects(each teams top 2)

Living in the wrong City?

The CFL has Stars in winnipeg.
Stegal, Khan, Glenn, Roberts all have their merchandise flying off the shelves at the bomber store.
Not to mention Tom Canada, Doug Brown, Kyries Hebert and several other players who have alot of Jerseys sold with their names on it.

Hamilton seems to have an issue that their top star is Jesse Lumsden right now, he is a sophmore isn't he?

Other then that there are no real stars in Hamilton.

I'd hope in Sask, Edmonton and Calgary their Cities all have reconizable stars.

Winnipeg Stills has people who barely know about the WBB that know about Milt Stegall and Khari Jones.

Which is the same as NFL cities, like Green Bay and Bret Farve, New England and Tom Brady or the NHL with Sundin in Toronto, Modano in Dallas, Mario in Pittsburg.

People might not follow the team, but likely know atleast something of the player.

Now for Player cards to be successful, the gotta be market correctly.
Big Question will be where are they going to be sold?

All CFL stores should get rights(preferably some sort of exlusive deal like 1 week in advance of other stores)
But who the CFL will team up with is unknown.
Future shop is a Sponsor(I beleive) so they are an option.

It's also part of the process of building CFL stars(these cards)
the catch is in order to have stars you need to market them, in order to market them you need them.

But these cards could do great, just need the average CFL fan to know they are there, where to get them and more specificly NEED TO GET THE KIDS HOOKED!!!!

I live in Waterloo Region which might explain a few things, lol.

Make the cards oversized. And try to sell them through the Wendy's hamburger chain. Free with a kids meal or $1 a pack. That will get them out there. Reserve about 10K in CFL swag prizes like jerseys, caps, footballs that can be won in the packs. You'll get results.

As well, try to get the CFL sponsors like Rona, Scotia Bank, or Wendys to feature CFL players in some of their commercials. This will start name recognition on a national basis.

anything that is wendy's wouldn't really be collector cards I beleive the league is going for.

NHL as an example, every year there are the McDonalds ones and the real collector cards.

Having both would be a good idea, having a similar partnership with Wendy's as the NHL has with McDonalds.
Collectable mascot heads(like NHL has had collectable NHL goalie masks) or mini-CFL helmets(although those are sold in CFL stores)
are an option.

Great suggestions! But going back to cards, you have to be very knowledgeable of the card market to make it work.

Right now, the collectible sportscard market is devoted to only the most hardcore of collectors. If the CFL wants to promote its players then they need to get those cards as widely distributed as possible.

Kids right now are caught up in collectible card games like Magic the Gathering, or YuGiOh and such things. If Sportscards are to come back into the mainstream, then the makers need to tap into that gaming market. Just putting out $5 packages of cards in convenience stores, will only embarrass the CFL.

I think a Grey Cip set would be nice as well, with players from the 2 teams, a cheerleader team card from the 2 teams, the city hosting logo, as well as action shots from the game!

There could also be a rookie subset!

Thats not a bad idea at all. But again, these cards have to be widely available and inexpensive. I really would tap Wendy's or Rona and even donate some cash from each sale to a local charity.

I was just thinking that a card game using player cards with assigned values for their positions would be feasible. Half the cards in the pack are player cards and the other half are cards that influence a game. The idea would be for collectors to build a team offensively and defensively to beat your opponent.

It would take some thought and time but I believe a play system could be developed to include the many variables that are a part of a football game.

Make sure the cards can be purchased at places that are easily accessible (7-11, Wendy's- especially since they are a major sponsor of the CFL) That would help sell more cards

I didn't know there was a top twelve in Hamilton... :smiley:

exactly why limit to certain players,do the whole league,if you want to do something with the CFL why don't you work developing a playstation CFL football game,I personally know at least 10-20 people that would drop40-50 bucks for one

Grrrrrrr. Just you wait. We'll be in the playoffs this year!!! :twisted:

A CFL video game has been talked about quite a bit on the boards, but I suspect the development, creation and distribution of a game would be super expensive. Too bad they couldn't work out a deal with the NFL to be part of their Madden game. Ah well.