Help!! Tigercat Hoodies

Hello Canada - We live in Pennsylvania and our NFL team is the Giants. Our CFL team is the Tigercats. I am trying to find a black Tigercats hoody in a 3XL (or even a 4XL) but am having no luck at all searching from the US. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks

Can you not access the online store from the US? Do they not ship there? (These are not asked sarcastically, in case you thought so.) There is a link on the right hand side of the screen every time I visit the site. I also know they have nice hoodies for sale there.

I looked at the online store and it looks like they only go up to XXL

Can you send this person up here to help on our O-line?

Susie Trimble?

The Jungle Jim clan are still Tiger Cat fans eh???

Oski wee wee

I think that is a bad idea for the Tigercats store, I am a big guy, I love ti-cat gear, but cannot wear it because it does not come in my size, I was lucky that the store in Center Mall carries 3x / 4x jerseys, and lucky that I can wear a 2x hoody, well the cats one, most others I need 3x / 4x but I wish they would get a little more available for bigger guys and girls.

I would pay the extra cost that would come with it, as long as the product was good.

Okay, susietrimble, this idea is painfully expensive, but have you considered buying two hoodies and having them patched together by a professional and made into one? Opening up the seam under the arm and adding a band of fabric there, and down the side, may result in a stylish look if done well.

I have the opposite problem, always needing something smaller and people keep telling me to "go to a tailor and have it cut down". I haven't had a jacket cut down YET - but I'd still love to. For the real fan/fanatic, who happens to be one of those "special sizes" - it's the way to go! Boy, can it cost a lot though.

susietrimble - I really hope you're able to get what you want. If you do, I hope you come back and tell us.

Hey Canada!! Thank you for your help and for your comments...

ticat1: cfl fan shop only comes to 2X

mayfairsuperdog: he takes after his grandfather (Jim Trimble) - broad shoulders. As soon as he is done with school - I'll send him up for your O-line. :slight_smile:

laughinghard: of course we are fans - it is our heritage!

steeltownfan: I've always wondered why football fan gear didn't cater to the larger sized fan - if they look like football players, they should be able to dress like football players!

deedle: I won't go that far yet

So - thanks for the help - I have received some e-mails with suggestions. I will keep you posted on my progress.


go to the Sports Obsession website...they are the local Ticat merchandise "gurus" and have a variety of sizes and styles to meet your needs...

tell them who you are and I'm certain they will be able to help

log onto

happy shopping :thup:

The unfortunate fact is that very few items are available in 3XL+, and the items that are available in that size is older stock not made by reebok.

If you can't get a TiCat hoodie, may I suggest an Argonaut hoodie? Better team, better quality merchandise, better colors, better design, better logo. Superior in every way. I can direct you to their website if you'd like. :wink:

An Argo fan

The important feature here would be better combustibility.

Sorry Barney - I must disagree!

A giant A better than a leaping tiger??

Blue better than Black and Gold??

No - I think I will hold out for a TiCats hoodie - my son wants to do his grandfather proud - it's gotta be Tiger Cats!! :slight_smile:

How about natural fibres versus man-made who-knows-what? :lol:

An Argo fan

Since when has Toronto been noted for having anything "natural"???? Ive driven down Younge St once or twice in my lifetime and some of the things seen on it were positively unfathomable, and certainly suspect for being anything other than natural. :wink:

Drive down Barton at 2 in the morning some time and get back to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

An Argo fan

Just the name Trimble should be a pass to have the team order a custom made hoodie, how hard can it really be?

Hey Canucklehead - Could I ask you to send that picture to me in an e-mail? It's a great one and one that we don't have. Still working on the hoodie - I'll get one somehow!