Help The Ticats Celebrity Waiters Raise Money @ Jack Astor's

Come join us at Jack Astor’s (Eastgate Square location) this Thursday, April 28 from 6:00-8:00pm, as some of your favourite Ticats will be trading their shoulder pads for aprons and serving as celebrity waiters for the evening.

10% of the evening’s bill, plus the proceeds from the sale of stuffed animals will go to St. Joseph’s Healthcare Foundation.

Through donor support the Foundation contributes to research initiatives, specialized equipment, advances in care delivery, and capital funds for hospital building projects, including McMaster Children's Hospital.

Which players are attending?

Players confirmed so far include Kevin Glenn, Dylan Barker, Dave Stala, Jason Jimenez, Arland Bruce III, Stevie Baggs, Avon Cobourne and Markeith Knowlton

Nice that the Ticats are doing a number of initiatives to all sorts of different groups in Hamilton. :thup:

Of course Ryan McGreal at RTH won't admit that, right Capitano? :wink: He's your bud right? Believe me, he's not mine.

Sounds like a great list, anxious to meet AC.I was going either way was just curious to know :slight_smile:

It's really great that the players are doing these charity events in the off-season.

No Kidding. :thup:

We would have been there but I couldn't get out of work tonight! (Don't get me's nice to be busy at work but I really would have liked to have been there) :wink:

I hope it is a success.

I guess I'll be the first to comment on how it went!

Im headed out on vacation sunday and figured Id take the rest of the week off, come down from oshawa to attend the event and spend some time with family before I leave.

Im glad I did, I think the event was phenomenal...the whole place was saturated with players walking around and socializing with everyone, whether you were sitting at the bar or sitting down in the dinning area. I wasn't there more then 2 minutes and Stevie Baggs was introducing him self and talking with me and my old man, and then Kevin Glenn came around the corner was fighting with Stevie (in good fun) about Stevie staying in his area and not poaching his fans lol. You didn't have to leave your seat to meet any of the players in attendance. Attendance was good to, lots of the more popular guys...most of our top performers...every one of them was social and willing to give you some of their time.

I Even had a chance to talk with president Scott Mitchell at length about a couple topics including upcoming promos for season ticket holders...the stadium debacle....the new stadium/where we will play during our stadium impaired season. Also, Maurice Mann had other commitments but ended up being able to make it out around 8 and I was able to sit with him and enjoy a meal while Arland Bruce joined us for a little bit. It was awesome to just sit back and relax with these guys and talk to them like the normal everyday guys that they are.

All in all it seemed like this event was a great success and I will no doubt be going to anything like this in the future...makes me wish I would of been able to make the Touchdown dinner a while back!

PS: Having the chance to sit with Mr. Bruce and Mr. Mann and actually having a candid conversation with them and having the chance to pick their brain and just relax in that kind of atmosphere, you really get to see how much IQ comes into play when they are out on the field and how they operate in the football aspect of their life. Im sure they aren't the only two but it was evidently clear that these two players are very intelligent and what helps them use their physical tools to the best of their a very high football IQ. It was also a pleasure to see exactly how far Mr. Mann has come since he signed here and since he had is twitter troubles lol. In all seriousness...Im aware he might still be in the bad books of some, but I promise you, that guy has learned a whole hell of a lot since then and watch for him to really mature into a seasoned top performing veteran for us...and most of all, the guy has a heart of a lion and bleeds black and gold. These guys are human, and not afraid to show you that.

I went with my better half and we invited our friends from Toronto that are huge Argos fans and our good friends from Grey Cup. They couldn't believe that they could sit and talk with players they were in awe all night, then again so was I. I am realy impressed with what the Tiger-Cats organization is doing, from the TouchDown Awards dinner, to TigerTown, to last night, to etc. SIMPLY AMAZING !! :thup: :thup: :thup:

Avon Coburn was a true gentleman.

Well Done Again!!

I'd love to see something like this in Kitchener or London too. Again, I really wish I could have attended. Just load up the bus and make it happen. :wink:

Avon was bar none the most active guy there with Baggs a close second.The most open to a conversation though was Markeith, what a cool guy.Good time all in all and it seemed like a huge success for the hospital, hell they sold outta bears by 7:00.