help the team out. what can we do to improve. (small things)

anyone can sit and complain. its the easiest thing to do. lets think a bit and see where they went wrong and try to throw some ideas out there

like play calling and moss under presure

2nd and 10 DONT THROW FOR LESS THAN 7. we're a professional team we should run plays like a team trying to win a game.

that offside penalty in the 4th on 3rd and 7
i'd love to hear the ideas that went on on the bench at this time. if you kick from 3rd and 7 you show great confidence in your defence. and if you go for it on 3rd and 7 you show great confidence in your offence. but for gods sakes when you go for 3rd and 7. get a 5 yard offside. show some "cahones" and stick with your gut. if you're going for it on 3rd and 7 whats the difference going for 3rd and 12? this is an amateur coaching mistake, show confidence in your team. if you trust your offence can get 7 but not 12 we have a problem. even if you mess it up on 3rd and 12 . it shows you have trust in your offence

really? not one person so far can suggest anything to help out the team? 18 views and not 1 idea?

Don't give up an easy TD drive with a minute left to go in the second quarter right after scoring a TD of our own.

That killed our momentum. Shame on you, Al Bundy.

lol we'll what can we do to prevent that. i missed that play. was the coverage blown? not enough preasure on ray? what went wrong?

improve the play calling! Go with what
works. they didn't use the same game
plan they used in winnipeg. thats using
lumsden with 12 or more touches per game.
bauman on short outs for 10/15 yards.
protecting the QB better.more blitzes etc.
this was done in winnipeg but not edmonton?????

The coaches adjusted the D in the 4th q , i think it was Bradley, who was getting beet. maybe the d is set now. IMO, Trade Holmes,he hasnt done anything in the Hammer

While the entire Edmonton team was keying on Lumsden, it might have been effective to use him as a decoy and go the other way with Holmes.

That would involve intelligent play calling and intelligent use of players. We prefer not to do those things here in Hamilton. Tht might lead to a win, and we’re not used to

tcfan.. i dont know about that.
clearly the offensive co-ordinator has called some terrible plays in the past and present and sure enough will in the future. regardless , holmes has done nothing in the black and gold. it would be better for us and him personally to be traded.

but i do like the idea of many decoy routes to radelin. he has the jump to hit the holes for 4 or 5 a carry. not the speed or strength as lumsden but thats the point of the decoy.

i would like to see them go with multiple-back formations. we have holmes, lumsden, and radelin all capable of blocking, i dont care if we have 3 recievers out there as options. give maas more time to throw the ball. give him more blockers