HELP: The Leader-Post Ad

As an ex-pat of Hamilton, but a die-hard Rider fan, I heard about this ad being placed in Regina's paper from Tiger Town but can't seem to find it anywhere online. Does ANYONE know how I can get a look at this (I'd like to show my Oskie-Wee Wee father!)?

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

There was a thread on the CFL Talk board, complete with graphic, but that thread was hijacked by a couple of irate Montreal fans who were upset that THEY didn't get congratulated in the ad. The thread got increasingly nasty, and has since disappeared.

Shame, because the graphic was better. Wish I could find a link for you.

That was ridiculous. Please don't think that all Als' fans are like that. I try not to be . . .

Sorry, Madjack. :oops: I did say "a couple of", but I guess I should have been more specific. RO1313 and one or two other naysayers, who happened to be Als' fans hijacked that thread.

I assure you, Madjack, that I do not lump you (or most Alouettes fans, for that matter) in with those guys, any more than you lump me in with the worst of the Rider fans. No offense intended, and I apologize. :oops:

Also, sorry it took so long....damn site gave me that stupid "you cannot make another post so soon after your last" error again. When are those idiots going to fix this site?

No apology necessary hit, no offence taken I assure you. I saw your phrasing but guess I just wanted other readers here to know that not all Als fans behave that way.

Too late, that’s what we think.

Seeing how you called me out by name, I have the right to respond

I posted an ad where the BC Lions congratulated the Als for the win Which was on topic....I was accused of lying and faking the add.
One Als' fan wondered why the Als were not congratulated
Another pointed out that even winning back to back Grey Cups the Als don’t get credit and rolled his eyes ( :roll: )
Which is a complement to the riders...

A rider mod jumped all over him and called his reaction ridiculous.....Rolling your eyes is ridiculous? Why do they have that smiley if it is so ridiculous.

Some Irate rider fans were all annoyed because Als fans did not ooooo and awww about it and questioned it. Rather than discuss it they decided to insult the Als and their fans.

That thread was hijacked by rider fans....not me or any other Als fan

And the sig you used or the insulting post you made that earned you a warning after losing last year showed how you took the high road

Ro - let's elaborate a bit further on what you are actually saying here - You are presenting that your opinion is more important than anyone else.

This is the Rider fan area and not a free for all area. In the open area it would be open for all sides to give opinion on that add - be it as a funny gesture or a veiled insult to the Al's. However here in our team area you are not actually entitled to your opinion on it. It is fact that the OP wanted in posted here because the topic got derailed in the open forums. For you to follow it in here means you don't feel the rules of the forum apply to you, nor do you feel other posters are entitled to team "safe" posting areas.

Ro1313 you are not bigger then Jesus and if you don't like what a teams fans post in THEIR area .... DON"T READ THEM. :roll:

I have as much right to post my opinion here as any other forum. I do not have the right to troll and presenting an opinion that differs from yours is not trolling
Furthermore, my opinion here is not the issue. I was called out by name and I responded to it. I was accused of something and I have to right do defend myself… in this forum and every other forum.
If you generalize…fine
If you call me out by name, I will respond

Now, if you continue to attack me, you will be hijacking the thread

It is up to you

Sorry that there are fans like that. Some people take things far to personally. I am as huge a fan as any, but appreciate the game no matter who is playing. I am a CFL fan first and a Rider fan second. I think that the Als have an amazing organization. When the resurrected, they did things right...grassroots! I have the upmost respect for the club. Honestly, if one team has "saved" the CFL, it might be the Als. the past several years, the East has sucked really...really bad. The Als have always had a good team in that time frame. I think that if the East had not have had 1 lagit contender the league may have not made it, and I thank the Als for being that team basically the past decade.

I hate to use this as an excuse, because I never want to marginalize poor winners/losers, but you do see this from every fan base. The cold hard fact is you are going to see it more from the Riders fans because they have the largest fan base in the league.

Ro - your nuts.

This is a Rider team area - the forum rules are


  1. The individual team forums are 'safe havens' for the fans of that team and are off-limits for trash-talk from fans of other teams. Take it to the main forum or it will be deleted, or worse, your post will be edited to make you look silly.

Ro - you don't have the right to come into a team area and talk smack to the posters. If you want to talk smack about this issue feel free to start a thread in the CFL open forum.

And you lost your high road approach with posting

And the sig you used or the insulting post you made that earned you a warning after losing last year showed how you took the high road"

One would consider that trash talking by any stretch of ones imagination

can we can back on topic

...I wouldn't worry about Thryllin's feeling there nythril, he probably enjoys the fact his sig got a rise from ro1313... opinion, any poster has got a legit position to defend himself if he is called out by name, no matter what forum it's in, and the argument is kept civil, which this one has been....

Ro was called out by name in this thread, and he responded. He did not reply in any way that could be construed as trolling. He didn’t use profane language or make any bigoted comments. What’s the issue? It’s okay for someone to call a member out, then call him nuts, but it’s not okay for him to defend himself?

As one of the Als fans who wondered why the team that just won back-to-back Grey Cups didn’t get respect, I also take exception to the view that I was an ‘irate’ member responsible for derailing that topic. I did nothing of the sort. I simply expressed my view on the open forum, only to have a moderator (also a Rider fan) flame me for expressing my opinion. Not the first time a mod has acted badly on this forum and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

None of this, incidentally, takes away from the respect and appreciation I have for the Riders as a football team and an organization. A healthy Rider team is good for the whole league.

...I'm going to prove you correct on that :twisted:

I agree. I was actually the one who called you out on this thread, and I have no problem at all with you responding.

I disagree with this, however. You are entitled to respond. You are not, however, entitled to unilaterally declare the last word.

The reason that I mentioned you by name earlier is that you were one of the most vocal, and far and away the most bitter sounding, of all of the Als' fans who responded on that CFL Talk thread in question. I would offer quotes, but cannot because I do not remember your exact words, and the thread was pulled, probably because it was getting very nasty and very personal. (I acknowledge that multiple posters were responsible for the tone of the thread, not just you.)

I do know that you were very vocal in your criticism of people for NOT congratulating the Als on their victory, even though that had nothing to do with the original post or topic of the thread. I do remember that you, and others, seemed (to me at least) to feel slighted and also seemed (to me at least) to be flying into a bit of a jealous temper tantrum.

Your argument with the mod is between you and that mod, and I have nothing to do with that, so I cannot respond to that portion of your posts.

I remember that you were very upset because you felt that someone had called you a liar. I do not remember anyone calling you a liar directly, but I know you made reference to something on a different thread. Why you felt the need to respond to that incident on a different and unrelated thread, I do not know, but it did happen.

I also remember that you stated, early and repeatedly, that you were sick of the people on the CFL message boards, that nothing would ever change, and that you were leaving and not coming back.

I do admit that I got nasty myself. I know that when you stated that you were leaving the board and not coming back, I responded by pointing out that if you did not want to be "called a liar", that you would have to keep your word and actually not come back in the future. For that, I apologize. I poked you with a stick while you were upset, and it was unnecessary and a dirty play.

I do not, however, apologize for mentioning you by name earlier in this thread.

The OP was looking for an ad in the Leader Post. The thread that was pulled from the CFL Board had a very nice copy of the ad posted.

That thread was pulled, I feel, largely because it was hijacked by several fans, of whom I considered you to be the most vocal and bitter sounding. That copy of the Leader Post ad has not resurfaced in any other posts, and therefore the OP was deprived of a good image of something he would have liked to have seen. Again, I state that I do not feel that you were the only one at fault. I do, however, feel that you held yourself above the crowd, and deserved to be recognized by name for that.

That is why I mentioned your name.

I imagine that you will respond to this, and I do agree that you have the right to do so. However, if this is going to devolve into another pissing match like the thread on the main board did, then I suggest you take it to Private Messaging. I am quite sure that nobody wants to read through 10 more pages of that tripe again.

Why apologize? If a guy feels that he cannot play with the other kids on the playground, then he has every right to leave. Him throwing a tantrum and threatening to leave because people werent agreeing with him deserves the response he got. The thread had NOTHING to do with the Als and everything to do with Hamilton being classy in what they did. Montreal fans, like the one you are responding to, hijacked the thread, then stomped their feet and threatened to "take their ball and go home" when called on it.

I have to agree, the ad was the Ti-cats thanking the Riders for a good season. Nothing was said to disrespect the Als! It was sad that it was pulled. The ALS have a great organization. My "guess" is that the Ticats were being polite and recognizing the fact that once again the Riders came out on the short endof the stick. The if we didn't have bad luck we'd have no luck at all, type of thing. Pathetic the way it all played out.

....the other thread was pulled because it had degenerated into a playground fight and won't be restored to the forum, but here is a copy of the original picture that started that thread....