How much news is actually Hamiltonian news on CHCH? Hardly anything anymore. Most of the news stories are from other areas in Ontario. All we see locally on CHCH is businesses closing, car crashes and fires.

The Spec and CHCH must be brothers cuz they are both alike, very little substance. The Spec is so thin now and the Sports section over the last 6 months has completely gone down the tubes.

The thing I hate about the spec is how little respect they give to something. For example, Sherwood won the Hamilton High School Hockey Championship, there is a small blurb the next day at the back of the seciton. Sherwood wins SOSSA to make it to OFSSA, not a single word. The Catholic School Board Championship gets from page of the sports the following day. How fair is that?

I have even seen times when the Cats have played and they don't even get top billing in the sports section.

Both CHCH and The Spec do a terrible job of local sports. We have a great JR A team, the Red Wings, that play every Monday night and their games are 10 times better and cheaper than the Bulldogs. But the team has to take out an add to advertise themselves. CHCH doesn't even show highlights or mentions it.

The focal point of CHCH and The Spec should be Hamilton, but I don't get that feeling that they really care about us locally.

Agreed. If the traditional news outlets have outlived their usefulness, why does so much of the news found on the web stem from traditional news sources. From everything I've seen and heard, the online version of almost every newspaper, magazine, television network, radio station, etc. is STILL heavily subsidized by the "dinosaur" side of the business.

Yeah, wikiworld provides endless opportunities for people to copy, link to, or repeat, stories they read, watch or hear from other news sources, and then add their own opinion to the end, but look how often it's the original source that offers most of the useful information. That stuff added later can be entertaining, creative and sometimes even enlightening, but without the original source, what have you got...

Remove every thread on this forum and many others that references something from a newspaper, magazine, radio station or television network - what's left?

That said, I loathe what CH has become - the only reason for it to exist at all (for me) is for the five or so minutes of local news they broadcast each night at 11:00, and much of their news coverage is so skimpy it's hardly worth watching. If Skelly and company can rescue it from where it is now, I support them fully. Maybe they could focus on more thorough coverage of local news and broadcast to the web - oh yeah, that would never work, no one would pay for it and they'd all have to get jobs to support their journalism hobby.

Give us a break with the teacher thing. They are overpaid, underworked, underachievers for the most part. Summers off. March Break, Christmas. And they just got a 12 per cent raise when the rest of us are being laid off. Give us a break. Holding kids for ransom while they demand more money, fewer kids in their classes and more days off is getting real old. All in the name of the students. Yea, right....

Yea and you are an overpriced babysitter.

Not happy with your job and think teaching is easier? Stop whining and go to teacher's college.

That’s the problem I think, while I watch CH and read the Spec, it is mainly for the local news which isn’t a large part of the paper, I mean how can it be with being daily in a city this size. But both are regional in scope, I like reading and watching about the Niagara Peninsula and entire Golden Horsehoe which the Spec and CH do better than more Toronto based media I find.

yea,the local sports is hit and miss in the spec. sherwood didnt win those 2 championships,they absolutely dominated them!!and not one word in the spec. now must be a favorite in ofssa.hopefully they get the coverage they deserve. go saints!

That’s not what “on in two” said. He was not saying that teachers work harder than anyone else. His comment was that Donna Skelly constantly criticizes teachers and the education system in general when she has no personal knowledge of the job other than graduating from somewhere.

Do you find changing the bait helps when you are trolling?

I didn't start this. The ignorant teacher who attacked the staff at CH should not go on the attack if he or she does not want to face the same judge. At least the folks at CH are not raping the taxpayer and holding our children ransom.

Since I no longer live in Hamilton, and do not read the Spec, nor watch CHCH, I am really a disinterested party. However, some general thoughts....

I was in Hamilton when Ken Soble started CHCH, adding to his ownership of CHML. I was there when he brought Vic Copps from Timmins to do the sports. That's going back a LONG way. But, times change, and loyalties change with them'
I am reminded of an old saying...If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude.

Over the years, I have seen many drives aimed at protecting and preserving something that has served its purpose, and has reached the end of its time. Usually these efforts amount to nothing more than beating one's head against a wall, hoping that the wall will capitulate. It just doesn't work. If there is a need for some service, somebody will find a way to provide that service. If there no longer is a need, or demand, then .........

One last thought...... The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress.

Ken Sobel has got to be wondering what has happened to his wonderful gift to Hamilton. If you were to believe some of the "maroons" on this thread then everybody on every job is lazy and overpaid.I believe the question is what can the community do to save CHCH and return it to a city that desperately needs it?

Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7) :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Like Wilf, I have seen CHCH pretty much from the start. Over the years they have served this community well. Local news was excellent, shows of local interest, call in shows, even "Tiny Talent Time" (groooooan). Remember when they had Monday Night Football, first run movies and some of the best shows on tv at the time. Did they not have CFL games for a few years? Alas, those days are over.

Now it is "E" and like deerhunter said that was pretty much the death knell for a lot of people. There is absolutely nothing on there now that interests anyone in my family. We watch the 6 o'clock news for about ten or fifteen minutes, then it becomes the health and women's home journal channel, click, City News until CH sports time (not the best, buy hey it's sports) , click, Matt Hayes comes on click, click, click.. Unless a major disaster has occured the eleven o'clock news is a repeat of the six o'clock news so why bother.

For a local station they have failed to keep connected with the community, who's fault I don't know. So sorry, can't say I would miss them if they weren't around.

FYI not alot happens around here! Not much on tiger-cat info on the sports pages or CHCH because there's nothing really to report. Glenn's taking forever to make his decision and we haven't heard back about the David Ball situation. What you want CHCH to do about getting more local stuff? "News flash!!! Russia just declared war with the States but since it's not local we're not going to report it. More locally, a man helped an old lady across the street today. when we asked him what his motives were he said he's just glad to help out! Back with more local news after this break!" You can't report what's not happening people!!! You want them to turn into the tabloids and make BS stories out of nothing?? "Today in Hamilton Casey Printers was found getting his revenge on the Ticats by spray painting over any form of Ticat apparal in his wake! who will be able to stop this madman?" Casey Printers was just a random example, I personally have nothing against him and I wish him luck in the future.

Geez guys, a fellow fan and fellow Hamiltonian asks for a little support on something that he feels strongly about and it's like he asked for your last dollar.
Gore, has taken the time to post some of the best pics of games I've ever seen on a public message board, he's a fan of the same team I am, and all he asked is for a petition to be signed.
Good enough for me.
Petition signed, whether I watch CH or not. (which I do)

No matter how people feel about local media, to lose any of them would be a blow to the identity of this city. Hamilton is already reeling from layoffs, a struggling economy and a very poor reputation as a city of the future. Having a strong media presence plays an important role in how others see a city, in addition to overseeing decisions at city hall etc. Without it, Hamilton will just turn more and more toward Toronto and further lose our identity. The fall of CH has less to do with the people who work there than the group that owns them -- namely CANWEST. If CANWEST was not struggling under a mountain of debt brought on in large part by the economic downturn, CH would not be facing this crisis.
Let me add that I do not work for or know anyone who works for CH, but I do recognize the value of professional journalism over people's hearsay on the internet.

The media itself hasn't figured out what its future role will be. CHCH is an independent business entity so if it can't survive on its own then it too shall pass. Next on the chopping block is the almighty CBC.

Personally, I am not shedding any tears over the mainstream media's demise. Most people aren't aware of the bias and hidden agenda most outlets have. How many people know what the Achison Principles are?

If CHCH really served a purpose then people would support it. In these tough economic times there are higher priorities than a local television station to worry about.

Contrary to some of the posters, I think the original post has generate some really good debate --whether it was intended or not.

I personally support this effort. I think local media is a key part of our ability to exercise personal freedoms. Regardless of whether its traditional or non-traditional media. Perhaps the 'new' CHCH could be an innovative online entity.

I also agree with other posters regarding their impression of CHCH/ CHTV. My only interaction with it is regarding local news and, moreso, sports. While my perceptions may be well off, I find a very small amount is actually dedicated to Hamilton-area coverage, then the rest becomes the same stuff I can find on other news broadcasts. So then, regardless of on-air talent, production quality, gives me little reason to bother tuning in.

The amount of Ticats and Bulldog stuff seems to be almost non-existent. Sometimes before and after games I've been to, I'll tune in just for that. Pretty limited. Even on Labour Day. And the Hamilton Red Wings seem to be treated like the red-headed step-child's second cousin. Finding evidence they exist -- despite having that ultra-talented Diamond kid on the team -- is a bit of a hunt.

Anyway...don't mean to rant. I just think that some differentiation is in order. Do local news well. Let the 6 other news/ media outlets do that filler story on Chris Bosh. I want to hear about the life and times of Quinton Porter, or about the local tough guy Krys Barch or how the Dundas Real McCoys are doing...or differing viewpoints on the Pan Am Games, or the Lister Block, or the Metrolinx, or....etc...

One thing that I did look forward to was Bubba on Sunday night. Caught up on the sports stories I missed during the week and gave me an excuse to have "just one more Keith's" before bed. Anyone know why it was cancelled and a car show put on instead. Got to thinking that just maybe new ownership just might restore the glory years so did sign the petition.

Want to tell that to my parents who (at their age) have no time or desire to learn how to use the internet?