HELP Rider Nation count to 12

The 13 men the Riders constantly are putting on the field is starting to worry the coaches and players. It must be getting serious because the S Nation is relating it to another serious item. No not to old watermelon rinds but to another serious item - beer. But there is a problem if the S Nation relies on counting to twelve using a case of beer - what if someone brings a 15 pack. And a two-four would really get the S Nation confused !!!!!

It's not that the players can't count to twelve, it's just that the game is so fast they just do not have the time to count that high in such a short period of time.

One idea to help the players - maybe Gainer could get a sign made up with twelve football ball players, similar to the D fence ones - and hold it up for the team.

Who do you cheer for

I think everyone has heard of a Baker's Dozen when referring to cookies or donut, that one extra cookie or donut in the box. Well now for sporting teams and sporting event we can refer to a SASKATCHEWAN DOZEN, that one extra player on the field or course

Announcer can now say "the team is fielding a Saskatchewan Dozen" or perhaps " the team got caught with a Saskatchewan Dozen"

Most football teams field 12 players - a Saskatcewan dozen fields 13
Most baseball teams field 9 players - a Saskatchewan dozen fields 10
Most curling teams ice 4 players - a Saskatchewan dozen ices 5
Most golfing foursomes have 4 golfers - a Saskatchewan foursome has 5
Most tennis doubles have 2 playes - a Saskatchewan double has 3

Who knows Pilsner may even tape an extra beer to the side of a 12 pack and call it a Saskatchewan Dozen. :rockin:

btw greenandwhite - any real Eskie fan will cheer for ABC

I am a very real Eskie fan, have been for over 50 years, bleed evergreen and gold and I cheer for Calgary as long as they are not playing my Eskimos.

As I have said before, I was brought up to cheer for Edmonton first, Alberta second, the West third and, the East when hell freezes over.

unless the guy cheers for Montreal or Calgary, the bum has not nothing to talk about.. - appears normal for the S Nation or is it fans of the Watermelon Rind Riders to dish it out but can't take some ribbing. At least the Eskimos can count noses


Eskimos also are an awful football team.

Riders win and Esks lose, Esks finish no higher than 3rd! Riders get a home playoff game again!

Maybe so, cfl, but the Esks can only go up. Can't say the same for your Riders... not with the people they have... Taman, Berry, Daley... Good luck with that! :wink:

This is all being said and done as a big joke at the Riders expense and I understand that. I even understand that the penalty came at the most inopportune time in last years grey cup which is why it has gathered so much attention. However I personally think the the media and people on this forum should give it a rest and get some new material because this is becoming very old and tiresome.

…I agree

well, the Riders may have some issues for the future yes, but right now I am concerned about this season...

and I think we'll be 10-4 by the time we have to face the Esks again.

oops, either 11-4 or 10-5

and if we can ring off two solid victories here, I can see us being 11-4

I agree with whoever said this is getting old. I have seen other teams, ie Winnipeg, have thirteen men on the field this season. Saskatchewan probably wont be the last team to have 13 on the field this season either. Its part of the game, get over it.

BTW, we may not be able to count to thirteen, but at least we can win more games than the Eskimos this season. Have fun golfing while my team is still playing football in November.

i agree - the Watermelon Rind Riders always getting 13 men on the field is getting old. You would think the players and coaches of the Rind Riders would make a point of eliminating this specific penalty considering they lost the Grey Cup because of it. The Saskatchewan Dozen jokes will continue for as long as the Rind Riders keep putting 13 men on the field.

At the Tiger-Cats / Sask game there was a video from seseme street counting. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12. NOT 13,
It was pretty funny !!!!!!!!!!!11

I too agree that the 13 stuff is getting old and I could add lame, at least if your going to post, come up with something fresh.

As far as Riders winning more than Eskimos this year, I am fine with that. So long as we win the last one.

depends if the Riders have something to play for, like first place or not.

if the Riders have nothing to gain or lose by playing the Esks at the end, theyll likely sit many starters.

See, that's funny.

Most of them are lame. But if it's funny let it fly. I know I laugh every time it happens. It's the only way I can take it.

One two twelve, one to twelve, 1 212...dang that's hard.... :wink:

it is great to see some fans in Riders Nation have a good sense of humour

i kinda like the count that goes 1..2..3..4..5..nudder 1...nudder 1...nudder 1 ...nudder 1