HELP... Remember the "fumble out of the endzone"

Winnipeg just scored a late TD by catching a pass, carrying it just one step over the endzone, and then the player fumbling as he hit the ground- but the TD stood.

I told my son about the TD out of the back of the endzone that we lost when our receiver caught it, carried it several steps, and then lost it when hitting the ground. This was in an earlier game but he doesn't believe me.

What game was it? I can't figure it out and find the thread. I wanted to show him the replay too.


Was that the second Hamilton @ Montreal game?

It was the final game of the regular season against Winnipeg

The differences between that play and the one in this game:

  • Williams's catch was contested, in that the defender had a hand on the ball as well the whole way to the ground, and
  • Williams did not make a move after the catch, e.g. change direction.

Or at least that's the explanation Jake Ireland and Tom Higgins would give if asked. Right. Three steps backwards doesn't count as a "move after the catch". :roll:

Our last game of the regular season against Winnipeg was Oct. 7. I can’t find any reference to this in the threads relating to this game. HELP again!

My mistake, it was the Oct 16th game against Montreal

What you are looking for is HERE starts at the 16:15 mark

It has nothing to do with "taking steps". The Winnipeg player had control of the ball (that was the ruling anyways, and I think it was correct). The officials' interpretation with the Chris Williams would-be TD (rightly or wrongly) was that Williams never had control of the ball. Your assertion that "our receiver caught it" is the part that doesn't match the officials' version of the event. They're saying it's moot to say Williams "lost it", because in their opinion, he never had it: it was simply an incomplete pass.

With the Winnipeg play, they're saying the Winnipeg player clearly had possession of the ball at some point while the ball was in the goal area. As soon as a player is in possession of the ball in the opponents' goal area (or the ball breaks the plane while in possession of the player), the play is over.

Safety, I always thought the rule was as you described it. And, I agree that the Wpg. TD was solid. As for what happened to the 'Cats- I guess that I was remembering the play by play but your description of what I presume Higgins said after makes sense. Bullwash on the official's part, but it sounds like what they would say.

Thank you all! (Especially HtD)